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Roommates 183 - Parent Trap

In which a clever fabrication and the skillful application of glamor absolve the characters from having to explain what really happened over the last thirty-some pages,


In which we discover that watching your parents flirt is uncomfortable whether you're 30(ish) or 1300(ish).

Yes, for the purpose of Roommates canon, Admiral Norrington (the old one) is dead. More dead. Because I can't believe James would have given in and given up in the second film unless his dad wasn't there to psychologically screw him up even worse. Not that it's stopped some of these characters from (pardon the choice of wording) getting on with life, but some people can just stay gone, and we'll all be just as happy.

(And yes, just for clarification, the Erlkonig DID tell Mrs. Norrington that Socks was Sarah's nephew and in a goblin costume... )

Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
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Or: In which Jareth and James are both about to gain a stepbrother.
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Those poor babies. They look so traumatized.
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Are James and Jareth going to end up as step-brothers? Cause that would be weird..for them
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Also wouldn't it be awesome if Jadis & Darkness somehow ran into Elking & Mrs. Norrington? Oh the drama!!!
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I sense Jareth's going to get more step-relatives.  XD
Their expressions are too die for!
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this is funny.
 so here's how they are all semi-related to each other:
-javert's mom is Morgana; Morgana is Jareth's aunt; Jareth and Javert are cousins. 
-Erik used to "date" Christine; Christine and Sarah are roommates; Jareth and Sarah are "dating"; Erik and Jareth are roommates too; they are all to familiar with each other.
-James is dating Eponine; Javert has arresting Eponine of a few occasions if i recall correctly; it's Javert's fault that Eponine is dead (indirectly-ish); James and Javert are roommates.
-Erik is dating Mag who is played by the same woman who plays Christine… so yeah, there's that. 
-James's mom and Jareth's dad are going to start dating now (spoiler alert!!); Jareth and James could be considered step-brothers now; because of the Jareth's dad and James's mom are dating, that makes James and Javert sort of cousins (look up for the reason why); Eponine and Sarah are sort of cousins too
-Eponine is going to turn into a very good friend of Sarah's and Christine's (according to Girls Next Door) and all of the drama.

someone should make a flow chart with funny doodles for all of this confusion. i mean it. someone should.
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I'm late but should I attempt to make a Building-verse family tree? :meow:
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I attempted... and gave up at this ( ) point. :ashamed: I failed. (what the lines mean:
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Good job :D I didn't know that Javerth dated Clarice from Silence of the Lambs :O And 'this' Clopin is father of Javerth? :O Where? I need Roommates Wiki :iconotlplz: ^^;
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Well not everything happened in Roommates. I added the stuff from the spin-offs too. ^^; The Clarice thing was in :iconpika-la-cynique:'s Girls Next Door, and Clopin was established in Superintendent by :iconspiritfox94:.

For a wiki... I tried, but as nobody ever contributed the project kind of died. :ashamed: At least I'm trying to keep the TVTropes pages up to date (I'm behind with that too).
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That reminds me I really have to get that going again. -_-
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I should go back to the coloring again (and translating, and editing the trope page)... :iconheaddeskplz:
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Thank you for Your hard work! :D I have to check this Superintendent thing, I know only GND i something Down the Street [with Dracula and Dr Frankenstein if I remember correctly ^^; ]
I recently read whole TV Tropes page about Roommates [and get inspiration to translate it :iconotlplz: ]
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80% of that Roommates page is my work (so all the weird English and all)... almost 100% of the Buildingverse one, and most smaller spin-off pages. (GND and Down the Street isn't.) TVTROPES RUINED MY LIFE! :facepalm:
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Is it bad that Jareth's dad to hook up with James's mother now?
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As if the members of this building didn't already need therapy...
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*fit of giggles*
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Glad you're enjoying!
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Yes! Yes! Do it! Do it!! :D :D :D
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