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Roommates 181 - Tomorrow

In which this occurs mere seconds after the previous page,


In which the artist decide to go nuts trying to color something new.

That middle panel. Took so frickin' long.
Realized I had to post this now, because it completely changes the dynamic of the last page if it stands on its own for a week.

Again, thanks to =SilverInkblot!

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
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The sunrise is absolutely gorgeous.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Norrington is just too awesome for words here! To me, one of the greatest signs of a hero is one who has a good heart that can forgive.
TheElizaRoseGirseach's avatar
I don't think the other Roommates could manage without our dear (ex) commodore. And not just because then they'd take all the beatings that usually fall to him, either; his point of view is something they really need pointed out to them every now and again.
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
too beautiful NOT to fave
QueenLuxa's avatar
Is it just me or does James look a whole lot like Adam? From beauty and the beast? I'm not objecting or anything <3
TheMusicOfTheNight13's avatar
THANK YOU! I'm not the only one that thought that!
AsheRhyder's avatar
... that may have been some influence on James' awesome hair. Maybe. I admit nothing!
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Heart swelling... ACK!!
Too... Much... Freaking... Forgivness... Urg..
X_x going to curl up in a corner and wait for the onset of night...

(Read that whole middle part in Mufasa's voice XD )
AsheRhyder's avatar
*offers tissues*
MusicOverMatter's avatar
Ohh.... I think I like James even more now!! For both the color job and attitude. :3
AsheRhyder's avatar
Thanks muchly!
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Glad you enjoyed!
Is it weird that when James was like "Tell me what you see" I expected that moment with Mufasa and Simba from the Lion King? Yes? Alright.
AsheRhyder's avatar
Not at all. Many others did it (including me).
AsheRhyder's avatar
Glad you enjoyed.
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I love how a deep moment includes talking about canonical redemtion arcs. If I did that to a freind of mine they'd shove me in a looney bin.
AsheRhyder's avatar
These are somewhat special circumstances, I think.
Perigwen-f0ab's avatar
The sun'll come out tomorrow! Brush away the cobwebs and the sorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I just had to...
AsheRhyder's avatar
No worries. I would have felt a little let down if no one took the opportunity.
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And this is the guy he would have killed.
Jamie, I...
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