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Roommates 179 - SMACK

This week's double/early update brought to you by =SilverInkblot on account of being awesome. Thanks again!

In an effort to get more inking done (I'm about 20 pages behind in inking, argh) I'm not going to be answering every comment on this page, though I will try my best to answer questions or clarify anything that's confusing. I'm really sorry, everyone; I can only blame my tendency to get easily distracted as to why I have so much back up. (... that, and the really complicated panel in two pages...)

Crazy artist's notes aside:

In which there is a violent coup,


In which many jokes are bypassed because of the serious nature of the page.

Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
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Good. She slapped the black eye syndrome right out of him.
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Jareth's costume is just pure epicness. It's only in moments like those you actually remember that he IS Fae and a King.
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Nicely done Sarah! Clap 
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That was profoundly satisfying... and I'm not entirely sure why. 
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:iconjarethplz::iconsaysplz: Ah, so there's where my ear went!
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Thank you, Sarah! Thank you.
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Me, at the first panel: Ooh, look, epic showdown between Sarah and Jareth -
Me, at the second panel: Trolled.
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ehe, she quite literally slapped some sense into him XD
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Why does a slap always seem to work? :XD:
AsheRhyder's avatar
Powerful trope.
Darned4AllEternity's avatar
I see...

What's a trope? :meow:
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You asked for it. It will change (ruin) your life and vocabulary forever but: [link] :evillaugh:
Darned4AllEternity's avatar
:fear: Umm... I think I'll skip the vocabulary lesson... Thanks ^^;

*clicks the link.*
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My Schmuck Bait worked! :D
Darned4AllEternity's avatar
Meep. I still don't understand what it is... /eye twitch at epic slowness.
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A trope is a recurring element or story device in fiction. Like smacking someone brings them back to senses or The Good Guys Always Win. :) That site categorizes such things (and fiction in general) and it's a widespread meme that if you get there you will be trapped there forever. [link]
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Well, at least she forgives him...
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She does, she does.
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