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Roommates 167 - Inexplicable

In which words are spoken with great venom,


In which the artist feels the need to explain things but fears ruining the scene by having to.

I admit having a special addiction to the I Know You're In There Trope. See here if you're not familiar with it: [link]

Javert and Valjean belong to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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ok are they (in your comic) in a canon relationship? Because right now I am very confused.
This is so beautiful, and that trope works so beautifully here. You are a master, AsheRyder. You are a master.
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I love this so so much. It is one of your most beautiful pieces. I love it. 
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Imagine... for the first time, Javert sees the pattern of his history from both sides. He knows what Valjean really is, and he sees himself being vicious and unjust towards him- and I imagine that it's hitting him all at once, that this sort of cruelty was no more warranted in the past than it is now. No wonder part of him is breaking. It's difficult when one is forced to come to terms with one's worst aspects.
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At least we get a Valjean/Javert moment.
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These two.

I love them so much.


Gahhhhhhh...... Dying on the floor..... No big deal.....
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awwww these two, I hope Javert can forgive himself.
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And hellooooo, the very trope which bought me to this comic. How are you today?

One of my favorite tropes, actually.

I really don't want to start ranting about my feels right now, because this comic is turning into an emotional rollercoaster (wow, I really just used that term), so I'll focus on the art. This comic was great to start with, but it's gotten so PRETTY by this point! I love how you did Javert's silhouette there.
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Thanks very much!
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Okay so I'm not though only one who went handcuffs. . . *drool*. . . HOT!!!!!!!!!
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Glad you enjoyed.
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cant stop it
too strong
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Oh, no, what has he done to him? Mostly Javert to Valjean... when I saw Valjean's eye in the thumbnail I gasped.
This, at the end, precisely what canon!Javert would have staunchly avoided, because it would have scared him half to death and also, who on Earth could he have gone to? Who would have been there for him?
... crippling Javert feels. This almost made me cry.
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Almost? So close...
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Sad/Scared!Valjean IS SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!!!!
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Glad you enjoyed.
I'm sorry, but I have to...Ya think?!
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*cries* IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! <:3
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