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Roommates 152 - Wizard

Part one of the Halloween awards. It took me a while to get through the book.

Congratulations, ~Ghostey!

Dresden and Bob belong to Butcher.
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Dresdan has the appropriate reaction to running into a Faerie XD
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Hold up. Whilst I greatly enjoy your work, I feel I must interject here. As covered in an earlier page, Jareth is the shortest of the eponymous Roommates, as his appearance is inspired by the late David Bowie. Bowie stood at around five foot eight (though I believe you had him down as five foot ten). Harry Dresden, on the other hand, is canonically six foot nine. My point being, there's no reason Jareth would be able to meet Harry's eyes, since his head should logically come up to Harry's upper torso. He'd have to crane his neck something awful to pull it off. 
Okay. Rant over. Keep up the good work. This is awesome. 
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Jareth occasionally floats (especially when his feet are off screen) to make it easier on the artist. Also, because he likes to feel tall, and everyone else in this series significantly taller than him already. Sort of like RDJ wearing lifts so he can be on eye level with Chris Evans in the Avengers movies. Great catch, though!
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...You know what? Fair enough. That's a perfectly reasonable explanation and one I am entirely willing to accept.

Also, there was one thing I was wondering about. We know that Jareth is the third Goblin King, the first being the Great Goblin of Hithaeglir (famously beheaded by Gandalf the Grey) and that the second was the Erlking. Now, I'm all for the idea of a people being changed by the nature of their ruler, as is the case here, but here's what gets me. Kings are, as you wrote, made by blood, whether it be spilled or inherited. Given that the Erlking did not decapitate the Great Goblin (unless you have an INCREDIBLE plot twist concerning Professor Gandalf and what he gets up to in his time off), how did he become the second Goblin King? I mean, Jareth inherited the mantle, as it were, from his father. Had the Great Goblin just really let himself go by the time he died, possessing in his youth such ethereal beauty and exquisite cheekbones as to make the Maiar weep to look upon him? 
I suppose I'm just a little confused. The Erlking didn't kill him and we know he was the second, so he can't have killed whoever took the Great Goblin's place, right? 
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The goblins fell to him not by direct conquest, but by a sort of annex. Erlkonig was already a king; he did not want the goblins, but they became part of his domain anyway, reinforcing the theme of the Unwanted that persists through Jareth's rule.
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So, it's less a case of "I killed your last King and so I am your King now." and more a case of "Your last King was killed, and since my domain is apparently the closest in nature to his, I guess you're mine now. Damn it."?
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From the first to Erlkonig, yes.
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*the resultant squee sets off car alarms and dog barking across the state of Kentucky* HARRY!!!!

sweet leaping time monkeys... I love you

*blinks* ooh, there's a thought. will the Doctor (in any incarnation, though my fave is Nine... hint, hint XD) be making any house calls?
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Ten is the most likely Doctor to show up, simply because he's been the one I've seen the most of. I actually... I don't think I've actually seen any of Nine's episodes...
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get it know. Poor Harry. I'm surprised Jareth didn't recognize him
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I would just like to say thank you to both you and Pika-la-Cynique for getting me into The Dresden Files. I'm only halfway through the second book, but I'm enjoying it immensely. I'd been craving a new fiction series, and by you introducing Harry Dresden into your comic I've finally found it! Thank you!!!Huggle! 
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I'm glad you like them!
Actually, if Harry's reaction to Jareth is this bad, I can only imagine what would happen if he finds out who his dad is...
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I love the chibi panel
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Glad you enjoyed.
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Your Harry is amazingly well drawn and, frankly, quite sexy ;) *totally not a huge Dresden Files fangirl* :cough:
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Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed.
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Really getting fond of that ponytail. . .
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Glad you enjoyed!
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