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Roommates 150 - Story

In which we foreshadow some more.

So many problems with this one.
Originally, this was a bridge between the Erlkonig's arc and one that should be coming around the middle of spring, but it was too soon to lead into it directly. This is so old. If the art looks weird, that's why.
Also, please forgive the languages in the first panel: This was done before my decision not to try and dabble in languages I don't actually speak.

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
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I've read through all of yurcomics so far and I'm curious whats that red stamp on the top of all the pages?
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My friends got me a 'seal' for my birthday one year; the characters should translate into my name, as near as they could make it match.
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awww that's sweet what a nice gift! 
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that's... scarily true o_O() wow, definitely some profound food for thought there
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In hindsight this is even more terrifying than it was when I didn't know what was going on. *runs for cover*
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And someday, fighting against Story will become a bit more literal...
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heart......... breaking  Happy Tears 
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I can't believe I never favorited this before
Oh. My. Gods.
Your words are sometimes the most elegant, deep, thoughtful and meaningful words that I could ever read.
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Do you mind if I borrow this quote?
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Thank you.  That is a brilliant quote!
Wait is this where story came from? The black inky stuff, is that what story is made up of?
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:iconjarethplz::iconsaysplz: In the name of my hair, I will be free!
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This would be an interesting page to do a redraw meme!

Loving the comic, though it's is the first time I've commented.  (:
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This page is beautiful. Gorgeous. Amazing. I love this page so much – how you’ve drawn the cracks and slices through Jareth in the last panel is wonderful. I don’t know enough synonyms for beautiful to convey just how much I love this page. And not just for the pictures, but the meaning in this page is wonderful. (Especially in relation to later arcs.) ^^

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I love how this comic can go from humor to drama and back again, totally seamlessly.
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Oh my Bowie...that's epic..
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Fighting a losing battle with myself. I want to see the true beauty of what is being shown here, and my evil fangirl mind keeps going "OMG!!!!!!!! JARETH IS TIED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *evil, bad, horrible thoughts* I really wish there were an R rated version of Laby. Gods that would be so. . . . *drool* But yes what you are saying is lovely and thought provoking and Jareth is tied up! *Ignore me*
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I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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Epic. this is just so...words can't describe how much i love this
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Glad you enjoyed it!
This is food for thought, especially for all the writers out there. Sometimes you see your characters struggling to be more than what you expected them to be, and sometimes . . . sometimes you just have to snip off that "potential" in order to serve the needs of the story. It sucks, and now I'm never going to be able to look at it the same way again.
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