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Roommates 149 - Favor

Mummy dearest won't be by for a little bit - I've got one more arc to set up for a Really Big Event, and the two Halloween winners to add, and then... it's Show Time.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled chaos.

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
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Why do I have a bad feeling?
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Glad you enjoyed.
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...Jareth can't lie and he can't make a promise that will be broken.

And his special voice means that it is his bond as a Fae.



*also feels slightly weirded out that she just noticed this now*
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Glad you're enjoying.
Can Jareth not promise? I love this comic so much!! :love:
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I'm glad you enjoyed.
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I love these ofc, but it feels stupid to comment in your every page, even though I'd want to ;)
But I've been wondering, why did Jareth really have to re-order time? So did he really do it for Sarah? Isn't there normally 13 hours in the labyrinth?
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The amount of time she has to solve the Labyrinth and the amount of time she's actually "gone" from the house do not seem to match up (though now I feel the need to go back and double check all the clocks and try to account for the hours Jareth cut from her run time). So while she potentially had half a day to do the run, she was not, in fact, gone that long. At the very least, he took her brother just like she asked...
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Well, there's some sense in that, so thanks! But it's kinda weird that Jareth tells Sarah(in the attempt to make her stay)that he has re-ordered time for her(does he really think that it impresses her, when he turned the clocks forward just to make her time in the labyrinth harder?)
I think stupid things^^ I know;D
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My theory was that it was less to impress her, and more to get her to stay by running out of time. He still doesn't exhibit a great understanding of humanity that early in the movie (not that he does towards the end, but it's definitely closer...)
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Thanks so much for clearing things out^^ It's sometimes easy to forget the theories you've built up in your head. And it's nice to hear other people's theories so you can compare;)
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I forget....I know Jack Harkness has shown up, but has the Doctor?
*random question is random*
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Aww Jareth is being nice and doing Jamie a favor!
. . .
. . . this doesn't bode well!
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oh sh- this one thinks this one knows what just happened... :'(
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It's possible...
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Oh, he'll try, alright. He'll try
...Norrington should've gotten that in print, shouldn't he?
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Jareth can't lie, and thus can't promise?
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We'll see exactly how it pans out...
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Have you read the graphic novel Fables? There's a similar arc in which the characters rebel against their creator/writer. If you haven't read it, do! It's about fairy tale characters being run out of their homelands and setting up a secret community in NYC. Crossovers and magic, just your type of thing. :aww:
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