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Roommates 142 - Conversations

In case it's not clear, Sarah's dreams have a backdoor directly to Limbo because of a certain Goblin King's interference. This hasn't been a problem before, since she's not ACTUALLY using shared dreaming technology from Inception. What it DOES mean is that occasionally she has to deal with little hiccups between what's real and what's not. It's just that up until now, they've all been... well, magic.

And yes, Jareth is quoting another movie with Ken Watanabe...

Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Saito belongs to Nolan and Watanabe.
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Oh dear. Jareth, please don’t get blood on the carpet.
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See, going back and re-reading this, with more knowledge of the source-material, that face Saito makes in the last panel makes me think this was all a gambit on his part. And Jareth played right. into. it.
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I agree with Sarah, he is cute in an older man way. Jareth is going to be furious.
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Now, I Jareth angry about his precious lacking sleep or calling another guy "cute"?
So wonderful. So absolutely wonderful.
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"even if he is kind of cute in an 'older man' sort of way."   Story of my life.  All the men I think are hot are older.  Friends are always teasing me but what the hell!  David Bowie, David Tennant, Robert Carlyle, and Christopher Eccleston are waaaay more entertaining to watch on screen!  Also, they are very, very pretty.  ;)
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Hiccups between what's real and what's not?  Does this mean Morpheus is going to show up soon?  Jareth in Bullet Time?
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Now Jareth is jealous...not good.
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Lucky sarah. haha Jareth
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Glad you enjoyed.
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wow...U GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Glad you're enjoying.
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The look of sadness, confusion, and being-left-out on Jareth's face in the penultimate panel... makes me just want to cuddle him! Which fuels his moment of fear that he might actually lose Sarah, which makes him so very menacing in the last panel. The fact that he DOESN'T go all literally dark & glittery & robed full-out GK makes it all the more effective.
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Glad you enjoyed it!
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Protective/jealous Jareth? *squee* ^>^
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I just noticed that you started to draw Jareth with one larger pupil.
That always freaked me out in the movie.
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Yeah. Bowie's eye was damaged when he was younger, causing it to look like that permanently.
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...Who is Saito? I'm sorry :P
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He's from the movie Inception. It's a bit complicated to try and explain; try looking for a summary on the net if you can't find the movie.
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Ah. I see. I'll check it out :)
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I'm sure you've heard this before...but it's scary how you've taken most of my favorite characters (your just missing S. Holmes but I haven't read all of these yet) and put them in these Fan Comics. I'd be forced to find magic to get you out of my head, but then I'm afraid this brilliance would cease.
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