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Roommates 140 - Legacy

End of arc.

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Schmendrick belongs to Beagle.
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ah, dear Jareth... don't you know? if we all just followed our respective fates and never did anything to challenge them, no new stories would ever be written. not to mention, that'd be a bloody boring existence

still, all that epic angst deserves a ginormous hug *mega-glomp*

ps: I never thought of you as a villain. heck, barely an antagonist, as you were only doing as Sarah wished/expected in the first place
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fangirls assemble! Time to glomp a fae king. repeatedly.
Jareth's anguish-rage is glorious.
As are the words you have put to him.
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This story is taking a rather profound tone. It's both beautiful and sad.
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But...but...... I cannot form words to express my sadness
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no matter how much Jareth tries he can't be a hero
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I dunno, it worked out for Riddick.
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Jareth needs a hug
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Yes, yes he does.
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schmendrick as in "the last of the redhot swamies?" [link]
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Is there any other?
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oh please bring him into another comic. pretty please with a cherry on top. that was my fav movie wen i was a kid. :juggle:
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Poor villains. I have a new respect for them, poor doomed creatures.
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Awareness must be a terrible curse in stories...
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and this is why I have a soft spot for the "villains" ... because they are destined to lose, and unless you take them out of the story - so nearly impossible to do - you can't change it, and they know it
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Fun, isn't it?
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I LOVE Jareth in the third panel!
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Re-reading this arc so cuz i love the one you're on now and i just Schmendrick is epic!!! You should have more of him.....because of the epicness
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