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Roommates 132 - Faerie Tale

Am now back from out of town. Two comics this week as apology for not posting before I left.

Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
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*sniff* so pretty :')
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And now we know why Jareth's in love with Sarah. Or at least part of the reason.
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so, wait, he's already turned time into a gordion knot? o.0
Knew it! X ) Little Jareth is so cute.
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This is just the best thing ever~
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I've read this arc I don't know HOW many times, and I only just caught the "stuff that dreams are made of" reference. Seriously, girl, you have mega skill at crafting comics that aren't just beautiful, they are also so, so deep.
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I had to go back to read this little arc. It's always my favorite, Ashe-Rhyder.
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Glad you enjoyed it so much!
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This arc is adorable. Little Jareth is far too cute. Yet I must admit that I’m surprised that Sarah didn’t notice certain similarities between this child she’s run into and a certain glittery goblin. Then again, Sarah’s pretty damn good at hiding her insights at times. (Such as when she had Misto as a pet before shoving him off on the boys.)

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Hehe! I knew it. Yes even the first time reading it but then I hadn't a deviantart account. 
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Little Jareth is soooooooooooooo cute!
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Awwwww....... So that's how they met.
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So it would seem...
*sob* I feel so bad for him... he was true to what he said, and it got shoved back in his face... WHY, SARAH?!?
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That's the trick with time travel; it will muck everything up.
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so much cute!
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Didn't say anything because I didn't feel like looking like a retard. I think it was the eyes that made me think it was a young Jareth.
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Glad you enjoyed!
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awwww its a little Jareth he is so cute but his story is so sad
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Awww!!! Sarah should realize how lucky she is
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