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Roommates 130 - Falling

At least some of you can probably guess what's going on, even though this arc is a little convoluted in execution.

For the rest of us... Time will tell. It may fib and warp the truth, but it will tell.

Full credits to appear after the reveal.
Sarah belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Connelly.
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Will Sarah ever descover that the kid is Jareth?
So, so cute and sweet and adorable and wonderful and squish-able and... kind of confusing, but so lovely!
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HA! That's the little Jareth and he falls for Sarah because she was the first person who was kind to him. So he gives her the certain powers. During Sarah stayed 15 in our world Jareth grew up in the Labyrinth still loving her. And as Sarah wished away, he was there...(and we all know the rest of the story)
Awwww! Kıd Jareth's cute!
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omg baby you know who! n,n
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Reading this through again I'd forgotten about mini-Jareth. Adorable as ever.
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Glad you enjoyed.
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Was that…? Jerath?!
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Wait and see...
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So....cute....can't...AAAAGH! <:3
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Promise font!!
Ooh, you've been ever so clever planning and plotting and planting seeds.
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Promise font indeed. Sarah should learn to recognize it in more than just the Jareth she knows. It could come in handy...
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Oh god so adorable TT_TT
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Sweetness overload?
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:wow: Oh my gosh! So THERE you are, Jareth! Ashe, I couldn't find little Jareth when you told me there was a little Jareth when I asked you to draw him after I saw James, Erik and Javert turn to little kids. I don't know how I missed this page. ^^; Silly me. :D Ooooooh, he's so cute!!! :squee:
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He keeps showing up for a little while. Hopefully, it'll suffice for now...
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-_- is that who i think it is...?
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