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Roommates 127 - Humidity

In which the artist drew this during a series of very humid days and didn't get it posted until the weather normalized,


In which we discover the effects of water vapor in the air on our longer haired observational subjects.

Erik is very happy that his hair is too short for this.

ETA: Javert's French was supplied by my friend, who was on hand but only took a few courses in uni. In retrospect, she also hated that class, so it's probably wrong. It's supposed to be the French equivalent to what Jamie says.

ETAA: Blacked out the offending French to hide my shame at Language!fail. Insert appropriate French expletives.
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I ish amused.

Good to know my pain is understood
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Gel your hair like Erik. Then that won't happen.
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Javert's hair is floofy! heehehe
I'm glad mine doesn't do that. Then again, I usually keep it in a braid.
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my crazed, babyfine curly hair has done each and every one of those, depending on the humidity.
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Shouldn't Jareth's ears be sticking through his hair?
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They drooped too.
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Now THAT is humidity.
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I guess it should be like "Fichu humidite" or "Fous cette humidite". (with an accent aigu on the last e. Stupid English keyboards.) I'm not much of a cuss expert in French...
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Oh my gosh...I can't stop laughing. Jareth looks just way too hilarious. :Waving the lol flag 
I remade thıs comıc lıke twıce.
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Hahahaha..... Jareth sadako mode!
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Glad you enjoyed!
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I laughed way too hard at Jareth.
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I'm glad you enjoyed.
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James looks like his little kid self again in Panel 5. :D He's cute.
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Glad you enjoyed.
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Jareth has flat hair
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Glad you enjoyed!
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LOL, But Javert and Jamie can pull it off. Jareth on the other hand...oh well
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