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Roommates 125 - ForeSHADOW

In which we find an element that will surely come back to haunt the cast in future comics of unspecified release dates,


In which the summer arc ends with more questions than it answered.

Speculate away.

In order to give me some breathing time to work on the next couple of comics, I'm not going to answer comments on this one, but thank you in advance to everyone who reads it! I'll be back to answering comments next week.

Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
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wait...what???  I HAVE TO KNOW NOW !!!!!
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Fortunately, the rest of this storyline is up and ready to read! No waiting necessary.
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Hold up, is this Story?!?!?!
You are making this dangerously addictive.
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And...we know we've got problems. Too bad no one else does.
Awesome!! This page kinda reminds me of a book called 'the Black Tatoo'. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it. =D
AsheRhyder's avatar
I'll have to look for it. Who is the author?
Sam Enthoven. It's really interesting.=)
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This arc really confused me, I know his doppleganger was created here but I still don't fully understand what happened.
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Jareth spent so much time trying to be a "good guy" that he stopped doing "bad guy" things. Except the story wants him to do bad guy things, so when he doesn't, it stores up in the opposite direction, and eventually, he overloaded and hit villainous backlash.
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So, I'm trying to catch my friend up on the comic, going through the pages, looking for things she needs to know about the comic so she can understand this new huge project that's going on, and I remembered that I thought this was important and I hadn't looked at these comments before, and all of a sudden, it ALL makes sense! This arc suddenly got a million times cooler.
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Ouch...that must have hurt, too. Explains what happened to his eyes later on.
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I really do love your morph scenes.
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Thanks muchly. They're really hard for me to do, so I'm glad people enjoy them.
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Okay, so I'm guessing now that the tattoo thing on Jareth's hand earlier was gradually spreading over his body (hence him wearing more and more clothes to cover it up), and has now been removed from his body and left on the...door/portal/thing... Does that door have claws? Looks like talons on the floor.
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Yujú, Speculate's moment!
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are you magic?
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This reminds me som much of Melissa Marr's 'Ink Exchange'. Hmm. . . I wonder. . .
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iz it just me or is that blood on his cheek in the first panel?
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Does it look like blood? It might be, but I'm not saying. We'll just have to wait for the rest of that overarching plot to unfurl.
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