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Roommates 12 - Movie Night

Movie night for the boys! Harkening back to the days of the "Wrong Movie" comic, we now have the boys each watching each others' movies.

If you can't tell, here's the order they watch them in:

Phantom of the Opera (Webber's version)
Les Miserables (Dream Cast Anniversary version)
Pirates of the Caribbean (1, 2, and 3)

On another note: shirtsleeves! We finally get to see Norrington and Javert without their customary heavy coats. They're practically naked, for their time period.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney and Bruckheimer
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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DawnSunrise2's avatar
Jareth's neck is going to hate him for sleeping like that
Armand-the-Ghost's avatar
I wish we had a snap of the other's reactions to Javert's suicide. I can imagine what Erik and Norrington would look like, but Jareth's PG Rating would show.
dori123196's avatar
I love how Erick has rest signs instead of normal Zs when he's sleeping. 
Jojo1228's avatar
Though Les Miserables is a good movie, I have to say that the 10th anniversary was pretty long, and not very interesting to watch. (I prefer it when they use props)
GwathgorM's avatar
Why haven't I added it to favourites yet?...
That's the very first Rooommates page I've read ^^ I still remember how angry I was that they sleeps during Les Mis xD
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
Why did the others fall asleep during Les Mis? Also I'm surprised they didn't touch on the fact that Jareth SUCKS at courting.
AsheRhyder's avatar
It's very long. Very, very long.
But... I'm guessing that this is over a few days, not one night, right? Watching even two movies in a row can get boring from the inactivity, no matter how good it is. So then they each have designated spot on the couch...
AsheRhyder's avatar
I think it was a marathon; sort of a gentle hazing of each other.
But... that would have taken at least eight hours. That would mean that they would lose a lot of sleep...
AsheRhyder's avatar
It was a weekend. Also, some of them are kind of bad at sleep in general.
They're sleeping through Les Mis. Javert must be so happy.
thepurpah's avatar
Every fangirl's fantasy, whether they choose to recognize it or not. 
gery900's avatar
Oh why couldn't it be the 2004 Phantom. I'm more familiar with that one.
millylove1098's avatar
Awh.. poor Javvie, they're all sleeping during his movie...
theatrelover205's avatar
I know I comment already but I just to say Les Mis is long but worth it and there expression :) *laughing so hard it hurts *
NikiMaweird's avatar
Jareth wasn't monologued to death, he was kinda banished or cursed. You can see him in his owl form at the end of the movie.
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
Nah, I just thought he gave up.
NikiMaweird's avatar
I stay with my theory, if you don't mind.
NikiMaweird's avatar
Let's not fight about it, ok? We have different opinions of what happened to Jareth after Sarah said her right words and that's it. We still both are in the Labyrinth fandom and love Labyrinth and that's what counts after all, right?
Kyndsie's avatar
Yup. James totally rocks!!! Good to see the guys bonding this way.

...Erik was... yawning during Les Miz? :confused:  I enjoyed the fact that James was trying to doze subtly, and Jareth didn't bother to try to hide it. :)
AsheRhyder's avatar
Les Mis is one of the longer running shows. It and Phantom can sometimes tie, but my copy of Les Mis is longer than my copy of Phantom.
Kyndsie's avatar
Yeah... it is kinda long, based on the music. Confession: I've never seen ANY musical version of Les Mis, and only the recent-ish ALW movie version of Phantom.  At first, I wondered if Erik was sucking his thumb, or biting his thumb at something, and couldn't figure it out, but I got it.
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