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Roommates 11 - Redemption

Things begin to settle down again in the apartment building, though not for long.

Norrington's monologue is derived from the realization that, while I like redemptive characters, very few of them actually survive their redemption. (Actually, very few of my favorite characters survive, period...)

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The real heart breaker when you think about it, is that Norrington was in actuality...a good guy. Okay he was a stickler for the law but he was the most refined example of lawful good, he abided by the rules, he followed the laws to a T and he was a man of honour and did his best not to let emotion override his reason which is why he often came across as quite cold and calculating but he genuinely did have a heart.

The problem for him was he was in a film series where the pirates who by tradition and historically were the bad guys were romanticised and glamorized as rogues of varying nobility and charm and his superiors were corrupt and egomaniacal...not to mention his own harsh upbringing which the film never addresses but we find out in the expanded media. 

He was a good guy, a good cop but unlike Commissioner Gordon et al he wasn't running the show and the other good guys were in the roles of traditional bad guys. We're meant to root for the pirates and boo the lawmakers but it's not that simple is it?

Sorry for leaving a comment on this at this late stage, it's been what ten years since this page was made. I was really very deep and needed an outlet, I loved the point this page conveyed and the punchline (hah) made me laugh.