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Roommates 106 - Third Tier

Poor, poor Jamie. He just can't win.

I chose to use the new movie visual for Holmes because, quite frankly, Robert Downey Jr. has amazing screen presence these days and is what's going to be detrimental to Jamie's emotional well-being.

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Holmes belongs to Doyle (and this version by Ritchie and Downey Jr.)
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Don't worry, Jamie. We won't let you be kicked out. We like you way too much for that.
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the awesomeness that is this comic and all it's crossovers... *faints from sheer ecstasy*
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*huging Jamie*
Poor, poor James...
Oh Jamıe. If your bored you could always jump ınto my comıcs. I even got a gırl for you. You'll fınd out.
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Glad you're enjoying.
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Haven't seen either Sherlock film but since I adore RDJ Tony Stark so much I want to. Best part of Iron Man: Hey! You spray me with that thing again and I'm not on fire I will donate you to a community college! *sad robot* (Paraphrasing but yeah. I love how whenever Tony crashes his adorable Wall-E robot uses the fire extinguisher on him!)
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ya best part!!!
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Tony is truly awesome.
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You make me want to hug Jamie.
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He could use it...
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He just need a constant hug through out the whole series
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everybody likes free hugs :chainsaw:
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Ugh! Holmes, do me a favor and bugger off! Granted, I don't like Norrington, but I can't stand the RDJ version of you even more.
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Glad you enjoyed!
Holmes~!!! Just when I thought the Crossovers couldn't get any more awesome!! :heart:
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I shall certainly endeavor to make them so.
Thank you kindly Ma'm. *tips hat*
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Holmes is so hot...XP
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