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Roommates 102 - Boy Player

Theatrical note: "Boy Player" is a term given to the young men who played female roles in the days when women were not allowed on stage. Even as far as Erik has come, some things just don't make sense to him.

ETA: Forgot to type in the name of the ep. Stupid me...

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Angel belongs to Larson.
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*happy dance* Angel! whoo! one of my fave "RENT"-ers :D
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Erik, please take a 21st Century 101 course.
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James: "This is going to be a looooong night."
Waıt a mınute! So your sayıng from Erık's tıme there were no gırl players. To that I say HA... and no. Chrıstıne, Carlotta, Meg, and MADAME Gıry are gırls. Don't questıon my logıc.

But you can ıf you want to.
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
I think he means from History.
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*pats Erik's hand* Erik, we need to have a little chat...
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He'll catch up eventually...
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Really? I thought it was the other way around. Women are so flat chested/tall that they could easily play pants roles, or else a mezzo-soprano (like Cherubino in Mozart's "La Nozze di Figaro")
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The time period is a bit farther back than the one that produced Erik, by which time I believe most of the feeling had died out, but he's still catching up to modern one day at a time.
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Oh, okay. I can understand that now.
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I KNEW Rent would be involved! The scene before this was too much like them trying to get Rodger to get out and go to the Life Support meeting for it not to be! I feel so smart!
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Ahhh, it's Reeeeeent. THAT'S why I didn't recognize it.
CuteNerdyBean23's avatar
It's a good show- have you not seen it?
EugeneEyeo's avatar
I have not. Honestly, if I'm going to spend my precious time listening to a musical about how important time is and how fast it slips by while people destroy their lives, it's going to have a bunch of giant viking-looking dudes and wicked bass.

... I'd totally watch Rent: By Nightwish.
CuteNerdyBean23's avatar
I guess I can understand that.
EugeneEyeo's avatar
So... you'll help me convince Nightwish to redo Rent?
EugeneEyeo's avatar
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Huzzah! Glad you enjoyed.
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He's got a long way to go.
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And it's CANON! As in she's at the greeting desk, canon!

*sniffles in mourning*
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*offers tissues*
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