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This is an old comic, from way back in April. That sketchbook is a little big for the scanner, so here's the text if you can't read:

E: Hey, Jareth...
J: Hmm?
E: Do you ever feel... you know... old?

J: OLD!?

J: What do you mean, OLD?! My image was inspired by David Bowie! The man doesn't age! I don't >do< old!

E: What are you talking about? I meant that we've been in four* other of Ashe's sketchbooks.

J: ...oh.

E: And don't ever try to intimidate me again!
J: gotcha.

E: You wouldn't happen to be jealous, would you?
J: Jealous? Of what? I >have< a face.
E: Bowie >is< getting up there in years. He's what, 59? 60?
J: ... So? Crawford is 63.
E: But my image doesn't come from him anymore.
J: ...Bloody Gerard Butler...
E: He's only 35.
J: ... You suck.

(*By now, they've been in about seven sketchbooks... and countless solo projects)
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Back when Gerard Butler was 35.