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This is an old comic, from way back in April. That sketchbook is a little big for the scanner, so here's the text if you can't read:

E: Hey, Jareth...
J: Hmm?
E: Do you ever feel... you know... old?

J: OLD!?

J: What do you mean, OLD?! My image was inspired by David Bowie! The man doesn't age! I don't >do< old!

E: What are you talking about? I meant that we've been in four* other of Ashe's sketchbooks.

J: ...oh.

E: And don't ever try to intimidate me again!
J: gotcha.

E: You wouldn't happen to be jealous, would you?
J: Jealous? Of what? I >have< a face.
E: Bowie >is< getting up there in years. He's what, 59? 60?
J: ... So? Crawford is 63.
E: But my image doesn't come from him anymore.
J: ...Bloody Gerard Butler...
E: He's only 35.
J: ... You suck.

(*By now, they've been in about seven sketchbooks... and countless solo projects)
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Back when Gerard Butler was 35.

That third panel, though...after what happened last night...geez...

Is Jareth going to have anything to say about it?
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Jareth: "Does this mean that you're going to do the 'this is sparta' line?"
Erik: "Stay away from any pits of death."
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what ever happened to Erik's hat?
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It died on the flaming alter of "Ashe Hates Drawing Hats And Never Got Better At Them".
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Ha, Gerard is 43 now. But Ramin Karimloo is only 34! Hehehehe.
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I was a bit confused about Erik's two different-colored eyes, but I LOVE the meta of this strip!! And how Erik's insta-mood-clothing predates Jareth's!  I admit it... I really like Erik in the hat and cape.

Actually... capes... capes are yummy.

Your drawing style has DEFINITELY developed, while retaining recognizability.
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Early versions of Erik were designed off of the stage make-up as seen on Michael Crawford, who had (at least in the pictures in the book I used as reference) one color-change contact to make his eyes brown and blue.
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Ah... good to know. Thanks!
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Actually they are about to start a fourth sketchbook very soon. They were not featured that much, but they will be soon, but they both are in three, And that third is pretty darn full.
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XD omg Jareth... Erik...
When they argue my life gets better, I swear... *attempts to breathe*
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Glad you enjoyed!
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Well as Bowie said not too long ago (rather sang) "And I'm never ever gonna get old!" He is still painfully sexy as ever. I'll stop there while it's still PG. Reeeeaaaally hard to stay PG when the man's mere being demands an X rating but. . .
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He does seem to have resisted aging strangely well.
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:rofl: That's funny. Still, Bowie looks good for 66 (Just had a birthday this past Jan. 8th, same day Elvis was born.)
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He's doing fantastically, from what I can see. .
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lol Man, Erik's hat just popped out of nowhere. I thought Jareth was the magical one. Also, these two will never be old.
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Never underestimate the power of a well-applied bit of sleight of hand.
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every time I read this I freaking crack up! :D
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