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Les Mis Extended Petition Submission

By AsheRhyder
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It's been a while since I've drawn Javert in his proper period clothing.

Even Javert has to have overslept at least once in his life...

Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
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At some point (if you haven't already) could you do one of Erik? Please?
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I don't think Javert ever overslept, if he did it would be very sad (He would be very dissappointed in himself) BUT I LOVE THIS PIC
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That drawing is very well done. Keep 'em coming.
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Will endeavor.
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YES! i love this!!!
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hahaha! i always like his hair. i wonder what everyone would say if he decided to come in one day with his hair loose.
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I love it!! :heart: Ack! Back yee plot bunnies! *fends them off with a frying pan* I haven't even read the book yet or seen a full version of the movie/play!! TT-TT I could do it with a Roommates setting...Ack, I have to much to do already!!
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SQUEEE! First a full-page Jareth, now Javert? I love it! And him pulling his hair back is just perfect!
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Eh. I didn't really mind the new Javert. The height difference was a bit odd but the face was kind of a neat change. I'm up for whatever you decide to do though.
Oh hey! Have you heard this Epic Rap Battle thing?
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Yes!! Javert you're back!! XD
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This is our Javert XD
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He looks cooler this way. :)
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because we always have problemes with time, and Javert is not a exception xDD
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Awesome. I love the shiny boots, flowy coat and glorious waistcoat.
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In a hurry, Javert? *snicker*
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At first I thought he was dancing.
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Its almost like there's this little smirk on his face and he's like "I have my hair back." X3

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Is it bad that how you draw him is a large basis for why I like him so much. Your art is so gorgeous and I always look forward to seeing your new work.
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thank you for this Javert!
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Mmmmmm thank you.
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I highly doubt about overslept since this man is married to his work. >>; However, I will understand him dressing like that if there's an emergency on his day off.
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Yeeey for more Javert fanservice! Back to his good ol' self as well.

On a side note, it really is wrong that a guy can look so manly when wearing or in the process of putting in a ribbon...
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