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Halloween 2014 Ready Player One

By AsheRhyder
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Not to be confused with the book by Ernest Cline, though said book is an excellent read and a fantastic listen {audio book read by Wil Wheaton is divine and lots of fun}.

Video games won this year. Had some difficulty picking appropriate characters for all of them. Had some further difficulty with the layout. Had INCREDIBLE DIFFICULTY WITH THE COSTUMES. Gave up on the background.

Please forgive inaccurate crediting; some of these come from series that have had multiple people working on them.

Erik belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth belongs to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.

Assassin’s Creed series belongs to Ubisoft, Désilets, Raymond, and May.
Team Fortress 2 belongs to Valve, Cook, Walker, and Wolpaw.
Phoenix Wright series belongs to Capcom, Takumi, Inaba, and Matsukawa.
Devil May Cry series belongs to Capcom, Ninja Theory, Kamiya, and Sugimura.
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Canon MP480 series
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Why is James dressed as the Assassin Pirate Edward Kenway, I thought he didn't like pirates? Did he like the outfit?
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I would like to direct anyone and everyone who gets a kick out of Javert's costume here to "Jean Valjean: Ace Attorney" on Archive of Our Own. It's expertly crafted. It mirrors the plot of the LM novel, and the characters are stunningly accurate to that source. I don't know if its connection to the game is that strong, because I haven't played, but the inspiration is there. Point is, there's this brilliant thing. Kinda long but so worth it.
KageSagittarius's avatar
Wayyyyyyyy behind still (save me from all the distractions that encroach on my reading time) but Javert as Miles Edgeworth makes me very, very happy.
DawnSunrise2's avatar
Just so you know, Asher, you litteraly made me stand on my head to read everything. (Even tho I know who Jamie is dressed as..)
fay500's avatar
I know Edward fairly well, I like professor Layton A LOT more then Phoenix Wright but Dante?!!? JARETH as DANTE?!
I've seen some strange crossovers (Loki as professor Layton) but Dante! and Jareth! it never even crossed my mind.
Norrington and Edward I can see, If anything I would expect Jareth to be in the attire from game one or how he appeared in the anime not the cowboy-ish thing from four.
You just combined two of my favorite fandoms in a way I never though possible.

My mind is blown.
nightcrawlerfan19's avatar
You'll have no OBJECTIONS! from me.
15barkka's avatar
add phoenix wright to your comics that would be awsome!
AvenueQphan's avatar
Well, now. This is absolutely splendid! It's one of my favourite webcomics dressed as characters from some of my favourite video games.

I seriously cannot get over how perfect the costumes are. And Edgeworth suits Javvie WAY too well.

And the irony in Norrington dressed as the pirate Kenway. Just too great.

Erik as Spy fits him so well. I mean, French masked fellows with murderous backgrounds!
tmwillson3's avatar
I only recognize Jamie's costume and love it. :-) However, I have a friend who loves Phoenix Wainwright, and the fact that Javert was chosen is priceless. I can imagine him up there :-)
AnsemsDaughter's avatar
Likiana's avatar
Dear goodness, Edgevert... I bet somewhere in the multiverse, Phoenix Wright is having a nightmare.
AvenueQphan's avatar

Like Edgeworth but even fiercer, I'd imagine.
alwaysnerdy's avatar
oh my god this is the best
KillerCaitie's avatar
Goblin May Cry! /flail
mayaegyptkezi's avatar
James and Javert just got 100% hotter. I love assassin's creed so this is awesome!
JarethsSlave's avatar
AudreyGolightly13's avatar
Perfect costumes are perfect
MorganaRowan's avatar
Jareth as Dante... I nearly passed out.
EveryDayArtist's avatar
The posing here is amazing, really dynamic. And the COLOR of Javert's coat....
AsheRhyder's avatar
I was a little worried it wouldn't scan at all; there's a couple of markers that don't, and it's happened before. (The color sunrise panel at the end of the Dark Jareth arc has, in real-life, some brilliant-neon orange and yellow mixes that the scanner just refused to include.)
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
Real-life?  What about half-life?  Jareth in an HEV suit?  (Though I'm not sure he'd go for the beard...)
LikeRenfieldSyndrome's avatar
holy crap, javert edgeworth :D what a great thing to see after not reading roommates for so long
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