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Der Erlkonig 3

A prequel in 3 parts. 3/3. Happy holiday.

Erlkönig is a mythological character and belongs to everyone and no one. The poem quoted here is Goethe's.
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Erlkonig looks...surprised. Am I the only one who thinks this?
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Some one wanna tell me what movie this guy is from
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You can listen to Schubert's "Der Erlkönig" if you want to listen to something that is enchanting and frightening . . . if you really get into it. I recommend the performance by Philippe Sly.
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Scandinavian/Germanic folklore; he's probably best known for a poem by Goethe or a piece of music inspired by it. It's easily available on the internet these days.
That was just so beautiful. The style is so perfect for it.
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Now that I can comment again. I already told Ashe in a note about my story with the Erl-king. But maybe someone else wants to read it. (Yeah. Right. Delusions of importance. ^^;)

OK. So I worked as a librarian/IT in a Hungarian community center for a time. That place held an annual poetry recitation competition (those are a thing in Hungary) they were angsty and boring and generally something I could really live without, but my ex-boss downright loved them. Now one participant in the first I had the misfortune to witness chose this poem... oh yeah... the competition was held for school children so the boy reciting it was 10 or so years old. My brain went for the mundane interpretation as a reflex... at that day anything else would be way too much. :iconscaredplz:
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Wait, a ten year old was reciting Erl-king poetry?
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Short answer: Yes.
Longer answer: And the sad part is his performance was one of the better and less depressive ones. You can imagine what kind of a depression/angst/bore fest the competitions was. ^^;
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Ok that is depressing but I must know where this is going!
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Wait Wait Wait!That child looks alot like little Jareth :gasp: Could it be him?!
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Holy crap. I am excited to see where this is going.
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Not something to read before bed....
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This is one of my favorite poems ever.
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Rushed through the whole prequel. Oh my lord, I'm all tinglyexcited now. This arc is going to be fantastic.

Gorgeous, by the way. Completely, allover gorgeous.
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Wow, this... this is awesome. Especially the expressions in the last few panels. I actually got a chill.

(and, since I have an anti-drama circuit built into my brain and thought of this immediately: there's a parody version of this (one of many), where the last lines go: "Erreicht den Hof mit Mühe und Not/Das Kind das lebt/Das Pferd ist tot.")
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This is a pretty dang epic way to do a prequel! I applaud you~
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oh man, I'm tearing up. This is fantastic.
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Der Erlkonig didn't mean to kill the child, though... :cries:
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Poor kid! Your art is just breath-taking!
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He looks like he's actually upset about it... how strange.
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