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Der Erlkonig 1

A prequel in three parts. 1/3. Happy holiday.

Erlkönig is a mythological character and belongs to everyone and no one. The poem quoted here is Goethe's.
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Aaah, I love this poem and song... it's been running through my head this whole time that I've been binge-reading your comic XD
...and also had me come to realise that the three characters I got the most excited about are all various incarnations of death...
Just found out today, that the translation of Goethe's version into English, was Sir Walter Scott's first bigger project :D
LatyreDKaos's avatar
Ah, so many memories of Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, and of my own progress through Lieder's enchanting, yet demanding, journeys. Well done on making all fans of German lore, Goethe, and lieder simultaneously sigh, and some of them burst into song. (Just for the Erlkönig, mind)
AsheRhyder's avatar
I haven't. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!
I love this song/poem. <3 you introduced it to me originally and then we listened to it in my Music appreciation class this summer. <3
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OH GODS THIS SONG!!! It made me cry the first time I heard you turned it into a comic. *tears* 
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This one is Beautiful!
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You missed a line. That aside, it's awesome.
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Uuuh, creepy! (in a good way)
I had to learn this poem by heart for class once. Ah, Goethe, how we love thee...
Thunder-Star's avatar
I love /love/ how you've drawn this in pencil, rather than with your pen! It adds a lot, I think. X3
Autumn-Gracy's avatar
I have this song on my ipod =w=
theatrelover205's avatar
Love it but what's he saying?
AsheRhyder's avatar
The translation should be somewhere on the same page.
theatrelover205's avatar
Thanks it's a little hard to make it out though
Ethala1000's avatar
oh no... Jareth.
net-and-tinsel-gown's avatar
Oh hell yes. I love love LOVE the smudgy pencil without ink; it adds to the misty flashback tone.
RosesRed4Ever's avatar
Wait, that kid looks like Jareth! Was Jareth originally a child stolen away from his parents? If so, that would be cool and tragic :)
BeautifulPsychosis's avatar
Oooh. This poem has always given me chills, and these illustrations are brilliant.
Mossshadow13's avatar
//feels awesome, can read without the English translation//
The last panel on the right is simply amazing to me, the depth with just (from what I can tell) a pencil. Your just such an amazing artist :D
Nanenna's avatar
Ohgravythispoem! D: It's so sad and creepy!
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