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The Incognitum by Ashere The Incognitum :iconashere:Ashere 126 19 The Anisgina: Handsome Oldest Brother by Ashere The Anisgina: Handsome Oldest Brother :iconashere:Ashere 30 4 The Celestial Dragon by Ashere The Celestial Dragon :iconashere:Ashere 118 12 The Barrow Wyrm by Ashere The Barrow Wyrm :iconashere:Ashere 140 14 Tsul 'Kalu by Ashere Tsul 'Kalu :iconashere:Ashere 72 3 Deinocheirus by Ashere Deinocheirus :iconashere:Ashere 172 18 The Foul Seed Son by Ashere The Foul Seed Son :iconashere:Ashere 32 9 Night on the Bald by Ashere Night on the Bald :iconashere:Ashere 18 5 Chain of Being by Ashere Chain of Being :iconashere:Ashere 11 2 The Black Shuck by Ashere The Black Shuck :iconashere:Ashere 23 2 Animated Yutyrannus by Ashere Animated Yutyrannus :iconashere:Ashere 33 7 The Stone Ogres by Ashere The Stone Ogres :iconashere:Ashere 37 2 Stone Man by Ashere Stone Man :iconashere:Ashere 11 1 Spearfinger by Ashere Spearfinger :iconashere:Ashere 10 1 Animated Gorgonopsid by Ashere Animated Gorgonopsid :iconashere:Ashere 97 11 The Butcherbird by Ashere The Butcherbird :iconashere:Ashere 88 14 Pterodactyl Mating Flight by Ashere Pterodactyl Mating Flight :iconashere:Ashere 55 6 Raven Mocker by Ashere Raven Mocker :iconashere:Ashere 51 10 Nest Parasitism by Ashere Nest Parasitism :iconashere:Ashere 44 18 Peaceable Kingdom by Ashere Peaceable Kingdom :iconashere:Ashere 181 36 The Boo Hag by Ashere The Boo Hag :iconashere:Ashere 25 9 Alabama Nodosaurid by Ashere Alabama Nodosaurid :iconashere:Ashere 49 2 Alabama Cretaceous Fauna by Ashere Alabama Cretaceous Fauna :iconashere:Ashere 100 11 The Oceans of Alabama by Ashere The Oceans of Alabama :iconashere:Ashere 65 7