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Venatosapiens Erectus



Venatosapiens erectus is a species of oligocene dromeosaurid that is known from artifacts and partial fossil remnants. A swift and nomadic creature, the Venatosapiens lived in tribal flocks, had mastered the art of wooden tools and weapons, and had developed a complex language of integrated chirps, snarls, and body language. They had no set territories, but flocks seldom occupied the same area for long amounts of time. War was unknown, as conflict between a flock was settled by a contest between the patriarchs.
The flock was not a tightly knit group, but a loose aggregation of mated pairs and young that moved together for mutual protection. Venatosapiens is not the only species of intelligent maniraptoran; the escarpments to the north of the great plains are home to Avisapiens Saurotheos, a slightly smaller genus that is more at home in the mountain scrub then the grasslands.
For more information on Avisapiens, visit researcher Nemo Ramjet here at [link]

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God, just seeing them holding spears is so damn eerie.