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Gojirasaurus xenonucliensis



"People are simply ants to him, something either beneath his notice or the subject of his contempt. And strangely...I find myself thinking that perhaps we are not so underserving...has man not overstepped his boundaries, time and time again, simply for the sake of money, power and the blood of our enemies?"
-Admiral Tachibana, curtesy of Matt Frank

The monster of all monsters, Gojirasaurus is an irradiated behemoth, a creature who owes its existance to the foolish hands of man. Born a relic on a lost island, forged in the heart of a nuclear blast, and tempered in the cold waters of Japan, Gojirasaurus, also known as "Gojira" or "Godzilla" is quite possibly the most powerful beast on the planet. There have been a total of four Gojirasaurs recorded, the first appearing off Odo Island in 1954.
Gojira is a creature with mysterious motives. It is often drawn to sources of energy, and will seek out and destroy anything carrying radioactive material. It is thought to subsist on fish, whales, and other deep water creatures, as well as the flesh of other mutations it kills. If judged by sheer strength and size alone, it would be a formidable adversary, but it carries more dangerous weapons then teeth or claws.
Its control over the radioactive forces in its body has given it the power to breath a superheated stream of napalm capable of wiping whole city blocks from the face of the earth. Irradiated cells in its body give it a formidable healing factor unequalled in modern biology. And, in a lethal irony, the gojiran emits a continous flow of radioactivity, contaminating anywhere it walks.
Due to its extreme ferocity and aggresion, Gojira's appearance is often followed by an immediate evacuation of nearby areas as the military seeks to drive the creature away. But it is a temperary measure at best, and Japan lives in fear of the massive predator in its waters.

Height: 50 meters
Length: 100 meters
Mass: 25,000 metric tons
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Love this! Considering that there is a real (so far fragmentary) Gojirasaurus from the Triassic Era, this is a great rendition of its Gojiran evolution.