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Mr student debt


☻Mr.Men Grown Up ☻

What if Mr.Men grew up and faced some of today's issues? It might look something like this, to start with. Bills? Student Debt? Unemployment? Welcome to the worries of adulthood!


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I don't think I'll ever understand why America won't just make college free, but I guess the people at the top are too greedy and stupid to think of anybody but themselves. That, and the latest version of the jet plane and tank they'll use to bully other countries out of their resources. It's all going to come crashing down, though, sooner or later; more are more college students are going to go bankrupt because of this kind of shit, and it's only a matter of time before it all reaches a head, and shit will start collapsing upon itself.

And I have a feeling that will be a very good day to experience, indeed.
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Aw :ohnoes: :laughing: I'm sure many can relate to this. Mr.'s gonna lose it soon
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This is absolutely flipping hilarious. ^^
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Thankyou Maura ;) more coming!
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