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Hipster Mario

"Hipster Mario is so underground..."
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Lol this is great! :D
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too realistic...not tryin 2 be mean....
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I heart this. :D
I know pockets are too mainstream but where does he keep his iPhone?
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They are definitely mainstream! Most likely under his hat or heaven forbid in his boxers...
sivad-design's avatar
And his Starbucks rewards card?
Definitely somewhere in his boxers too.
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Haha classic. I've loved reading all the discussion of these artworks on sites... been very surreal and there's been some hilarious comments.
veenqueen's avatar
pretty amusing.
AsherBuckley's avatar
Glad to hear it : ]
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This is so awesome. There are a thousand pictures that look exactly like the offiial Mario. Endless repeats in Google Images that are easily forgotten, but this. This is unique. it's special. This artpiece took vision and came out wonderfully. Excellent job.
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Well thank-you very much, I know exactly what you mean...! There isn't a lot of variation in pop culture and it's fun to play around with that.
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omg! I'm still laughing! :D
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Most awesome thing that I've seen... EVER
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You're too kind! Thank-you, very inspiring words.
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HAHAHAHA! I want more!
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There is more on my main website:

But I will be posting more on Deviantart also!
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HAHAHA I literally laughed out loud. You brilliant fucker.
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