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Town Troubles! Save the Food Mira!
   It wasn't long until Mira and his friends reached their destination, the three all looked up at the faded sign that read King's Watch. Several crows on top of the sign looked at the three and loudly screeched at their presence. Mira examined the town that seemed to be drained of life and many of the shops seem to be closed due to some kind of shortage. He looked at the gun for some kind of explanation but the demon pistol rolled his eyes as he explains that he never entered the town before. Since it was barely noon he decided to stop by the police house to see if they would allow him to check for the items he came for. He was just about to push open the door when something blue and fuzzy flew into him, knocking him to the ground. 
    “And stay out you Slewer! I don't give a shit about that shack! You tell that Sossle that I refuse!”
    Mira opened his eyes to see a blue cat on his chest, hissing and sticking its tongu
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The Cowboy's Match
    Far from the safety of the cities and into the vast desert, we find our lone hero traveling on the back of his mighty steed. His scarred face covered by a scarf belonging to a love long gone. His dark eyes sparked with determination and excitement for the coming adventure that his soul could feel was nearing…
    “How was that one?” A boy, who had a tattered old hat over his face as he laid on his back, asked his donkey. The donkey made a disapproving noise in response. “Hey what do you mean it's not accurate?! I'm more heroic than anyone I know! Besides all the greats over exaggerate how great they are, it's like some kind of rule. I hope we get to town soon though, I have made up so many stories that I am runnin as dry as our water supply. Okay, how about this?
    The wandering stranger felt his long tedious journey was coming to its desired end. He let out a sigh as he thought of all that was waiting for him a
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Mature content
Fate's Great Fear! A Dark Shadow Looms Near! :iconasher-valo:Asher-Valo 0 0



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   It wasn't long until Mira and his friends reached their destination, the three all looked up at the faded sign that read King's Watch. Several crows on top of the sign looked at the three and loudly screeched at their presence. Mira examined the town that seemed to be drained of life and many of the shops seem to be closed due to some kind of shortage. He looked at the gun for some kind of explanation but the demon pistol rolled his eyes as he explains that he never entered the town before. Since it was barely noon he decided to stop by the police house to see if they would allow him to check for the items he came for. He was just about to push open the door when something blue and fuzzy flew into him, knocking him to the ground. 

    “And stay out you Slewer! I don't give a shit about that shack! You tell that Sossle that I refuse!”

    Mira opened his eyes to see a blue cat on his chest, hissing and sticking its tongue out at the sheriff of the town. The sheriff was a man in his 30s, he had a bland tan skin tone, a dirty black hat, a rusty sheriff's badge, and a metal necklace. His eyes and hair color were that of a calm brown. His hair had spikes resembling a series of blades. His most noticeable feature was his sharp teeth.

    “Oh great another scalawag, just what my town needs. Look junior I don't care what you want, but if you give me any trouble I will lock you up faster than you could curse. Now stay away from me!”

    Mira stood, with a bit of help from Arion, and dusted himself, and the cat, off before walking away from the station. “Damn how did that ray of sunshine become a sheriff? I need to get in there.”

    "He had bought his way in. This town has been going to the dogs ever since.” Mira looked around and then saw that it was the cat that had spoken. He dropped the cat and took a step back, pulling out his pistol and taking aim.

    “The hell?! You can talk?” The cat smirked and chuckled at his reaction.

    “I can do much more than that sweetie, but I see you're new to town. I'm Salim, I work at the local saloon with its owner. The failure of a sheriff you just saw was Lock. You have to meet my friends, you came to this town to work right?”

    “Uhh, sure I did. I was hoping to get some work from the sheriff.”

    “If you want Lock to take you seriously, you'll have to get the town on your side and show him up. That will make him give you work! Anyway, there is something we need help with and that scamp isn't gonna do his job, so will you help?”

     Mira could just imagine his new partner saying no, over and over. Well, that settled it then. “Sure, why not?” Salim cheered and ran to the saloon saying for him to follow her. While he walked to the saloon, he pulled out the gun.

    “You stupid fool! You forgot to ask for a reward! Now we're stuck doing a job for charity! You really suck at being a bounty hunter kid.”

    “Oh shut up okay, she said that I needed to prove myself to this town before I get real jobs so I'm willing to do these little jobs till then. Be patient and remember to keep that big mouth shut around others. Hey, I wanted to ask for your name?”

    The pistol spat in Mira's face but paused when he asked that question. "I don't have a name, monsters don't care much for them..."
    Mira wiped his face and glanced at the gun, rubbing his head. "Well. if you want then I can give you a name."

    "...Do whatever you humans do."

    "Okay then... Cess." Cess's mouth vanished and Mira put the gun away before tying Arion with a horse that was white in color. He walked into the saloon where several drunks were drinking away their worries and various strange items were hanging on the walls. Salim was sitting on a counter next to a blond girl who was washing dishes.

     “Oh, I had thought you gotten lost. This is my boss and the owner of the New Beginnings saloon, Rebecca Morgan!” Salim announced proudly as she rubbed her face against Rebecca's. Rebecca studied Mira with a cold and analytic gaze and just wiped a glass before putting it with a few others. “She can be a bit cold, but trust me she's glad to have the help I promise!”

    “So what is the job exactly?” Mira asked, causing Rebecca to give a light glare to Salim.

    “Salim, you shouldn't ask someone to help in a job and not tell them the job. And you,” Rebecca pointed at him. “Don't be a fool that can be used so easily. The main points of the job are my food supply for the saloon and town has been attacked twice already and I don't have the time to protect it myself. If you really want to make yourself useful, go with Salim and the others to stake out and catch the one responsible.” Rebecca left to attend to her customers, leaving Salim sighing.

    “I'm sorry about her, she isn't always like this. The last time an outsider came to town, well it didn't end okay for us… Anyway let's get going, oh I never got your name!”

    “I'm Mira, Mira Tose. So she had said there would be others helping us.”

    Salim giggled and rolled her eyes before jumping on the boy's shoulder. “Yeah, they'll help alright. Three boys will be joining us, Kid the mayor's son, Mike Midnight the town crier, and lastly Jim Moran the town's bad boy. They mean well and are good at helping, but they are easily distracted and tend to rush into things. I didn't want them to get hurt so I went to Lock, hoping he'd do his job for once, but you saw how that turned out. Hopefully, with you there, things will go smoothly.”

    Mira nodded and followed Salim's instructions to a small house a little out of town. The house looked normal enough, but at closer inspection, the roof was made of glass to allow in sunlight. Several scarecrows were surrounding the house, defending it from vultures. Three boys stood at the door of the house and tensed up at the sight of him approaching, but relaxed when Salim waved at them.

    “Salim you should have told us you were bringing someone else, we were almost about to attack. Well seeing as you're here I guess Rebecca or Salim asked you to help us. I'm Kid and welcome to King's Watch.” The boy was dressed in an elegant suit and had the air of someone who didn't know how to fight. His striking gold eyes made Mira unnerved.

    The shortest of the three pushed Kid to the side and pointed to himself. “Welcome to the town where the legendary Mike Midnight lives! The stories of my godliness and charity must have brought you here!”

    “Mike if he had heard of you he would never have come. I'm Jim.” Jim gave Mira a glance and turned away. Mike playfully punched Jim's shoulder and rubbed his messy dark hair.

    “Nice to meet you all, I'm Mira Tose, Salim asked me to come as a backup, you know, just in case.” Mira said as he shook Kid's hand. “So do you all have any ideas on what we're fighting out here?” Jim and Mike shrugged. Kid started nervously playing with the two pistols that were at his hips and answered.

    “No idea. I had to convince my two bodyguards/sisters to give me their guns, my father is all about safety. They were gonna come too, but they found themselves busy. They always hated giving me those pistols.” Jim softly chuckled and Mike put his arm around Kid.

    “That's because you can't hit the side of a barn with those, you're a real shave tail bro. You should have brought a real weapon, like my twin daggers or Jim's two hand scythes. Hey, Mira what you got?” Mira hesitated to pull Cess out and simply replied 'a revolver'. While the others accepted the answer, Jim didn't look convinced. The group played poker and joked to waste daylight. Mike was a surprisingly good player, that or he was just a really good cheater.

     Mira had discovered a few things about each of the boys in the hours they were together, for example, Kid’s sisters aren't really his sisters but his father took them in. Mike was already engaged to someone he described as ‘flawless’ and ‘a girl that deserves a god’. Jim had grown up in that town and he lived alone on the outskirts of it. Salim, Rebecca, and Mike were his oldest friends, but he had warmed up to Kid quickly.

    Night fell on the group, making poker unplayable and everyone a tad sleepy. By midnight, Mike and Kid were leaning against the house fast asleep. Salim yawned on Mira's head and Mira was just staring out into the vast desert.

    “Hey, Mira, what's up with your gun? You haven't pulled it out once.” Jim stated.

    “I didn't want to waste time on my old gun, besides it's not important. Why do you ask?”

    “Let me see it then.” Jim challenged. Mira stared at him and frowned, pulling Cess out and mentally begging that he didn't talk. Jim took it and examined the gun thoroughly. “These markings are from this town. This was made here.”

    “I bought it from a shop here.”

    “This town doesn't have a weapon maker anymor-” A loud moaning sound echoed from somewhere nearby. Mira took his gun and they woke up Kid and Mike. The five looked around for any intruders but saw nothing. Mira suddenly felt very scared as he noticed there was absolutely nothing around them, but the house.

    “Oh shit… guys the scarecrows are gone! All of them!” He shouted just as the scarecrows jumped at them from the top of the house. The scarecrow’s eyes were all glowing red and were far stronger than scarecrows would be. They all seemed to be fueled by anger and madness. Everyone pulled out their weapons and fought their respective scarecrow, but all the damage they inflicted was useless. Mike and Jim would chop their foe into pieces, but it would just put itself back together. Mira and Kid’s bullets weren't working much better, so Salim thought of a different idea.

    “Oh, I can just burn them! That should work!” Jim stopped her before she could summon the fire.

    “No, if you burn them and they burn the house then we'll lose all the food! We have to think of something else.”

     Mira looked at Cess and began to whisper to him. “Hey, Cess you been near this town a long time, right? Do you know how I can stop these things?” Cess thought for a minute and suddenly remembered what the eyes reminded him off.

    “I do know how to stop it! That is a weak possession spell! It takes almost no magic to cast, but it comes at a price. You must be looking at the one or ones you're possessing for it to work. There must be someone around here staring at the hay dummies.”

     Mira thanked him and looked around while his friends fought on. He told the others he could stop this and for them to keep them distracted. They told him to hurry and he ran around the house and climbed a ladder that took him to the glass roof, where a man stood staring down at the scarecrows. Mira carefully rushed at him and was about to tackle him when the man turned, and Mira felt his body immediately freeze in place.

    The man had three glowing red eyes that took all control of Mira's body. “So someone managed to beat the old fool's test. I expected someone better, but you'll have to do. Tell this to the mayor nipper, this town is my birthright and I will take it back. No one will stand in my way, especially you.” The man flicked Mira's forehead, knocking him off the roof. He opened his eyes to see his friends were around him and they helped him to his feet.

    “Did you all see him?! The man with three eyes?!” They all joked that he had hit his head a bit too hard. He rubbed his head and didn't bring it up again. They all walked to Rebecca's Saloon where she smiled and thanked them for the job. Mira paid for a room and while he walked to his room, a hand grabbed him. Jim was there and he wasn't happy.

    “I saw you talking with that gun of yours. I don't know what you're planning, but if you plan to hurt anyone in this town I swear I will-”

    “Damn dude! I'm not planning nothin! I just helped you. Keep an eye on me all you want because all I'm going to do is help this place. You can join me, but you will not stop me.” The two boys glared at each other before Jim let him go and left the saloon. He walked upstairs and went into his room, putting Cess on the counter next to the bed. “Hey umm, Cess, thank you for the help earlier. It was pretty cool of you really.”

    “You have to learn that I'm always cool. I guess you didn't die so nice job on our first assignment. Tomorrow I expect a big breakfast!”

    Mira smiled and rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah whatever you said.” A knock at his door made him pause and he opened it to see Rebecca. “Oh hey, what's up?”

    Rebecca gave a heavy sigh and played with her fingers, the barest hint of a blush on her cheeks. “Salim told me to apologize for how I was earlier, and I wanted to say thank you again. Not many people help others nowadays, so it was kinda cool for you to do it.”

     He smiled at her and chuckled. “Thanks that means a lot. Don't worry about earlier, but we didn't get properly introduced. I'm Mira.” He extended a hand, which Rebecca shook with a smile.

    “Rebecca. I guess I'll see you tomorrow Mira and I'll have a few more jobs for you. No slacking!”

    “Wouldn't dream of it! Night!” Mira closed the door and was glad to be sleeping in a warm bed again...

    Far from the safety of the cities and into the vast desert, we find our lone hero traveling on the back of his mighty steed. His scarred face covered by a scarf belonging to a love long gone. His dark eyes sparked with determination and excitement for the coming adventure that his soul could feel was nearing…

    “How was that one?” A boy, who had a tattered old hat over his face as he laid on his back, asked his donkey. The donkey made a disapproving noise in response. “Hey what do you mean it's not accurate?! I'm more heroic than anyone I know! Besides all the greats over exaggerate how great they are, it's like some kind of rule. I hope we get to town soon though, I have made up so many stories that I am runnin as dry as our water supply. Okay, how about this?

    The wandering stranger felt his long tedious journey was coming to its desired end. He let out a sigh as he thought of all that was waiting for him at home, a new child, a thankful town, and a loving wife. The stranger had saved the land from outlaws and gangs, but that was his past and soon his tale would become nothing more than an old western legend...” The donkey made an excited nay and the boy waved his hand. “Thank you, I know it was good.” The donkey rolled its eyes and bucked the boy off. He cursed and glared at the donkey as it pointed ahead of them with its hoof.

    The boy, Mira looked ahead and saw their destination was just ahead, a small town surrounded by cliffs and a tower that looked ancient. “Yes! We're finally here! What are we waitin for? Let's go!” He hopped back on Arion as his old friend started to walk toward the town, relaxing and putting his hat back over his eyes.

    Mira had learned to let his steed walk at his own pace. He knew many men who lost good horses from their baking them, that is why he was patient with old Arion. He was in no big rush to get to town anyway as he heard there wasn't really much out here, but he had also heard they have had a problem with bandits lately and there was a chance that the letter was right. Mira moved the hat that covered his face and guessed it was getting to be around five, judging from the position of the sun. He looked at the town in the distance, hoping to see a saloon for him and his donkey to take a breather at. Luckily they should get there before nightfall if they keep at this pace but they had to pass a large graveyard that the town must have made.

    It would be a nice change to have some company that could actually talk back to him. Arion was special as he seems to understand everything he said but not having someone to talk back was not something Mira was used to.

    Mira groaned at his stomach’s loud obnoxious aching for food as he remembered had eaten his last box of crackers and drank their last small bottle of cow juice yesterday.

    “Hey! Chucklehead on the ass! I got a job for you!”

    “Did someone really just call me a chucklehead?” Mira turned to see a weird little man who wore a long strange mask and held a shovel almost as big as himself. He was dressed like a barber's clerk, with the white suit he wore. The mask had a long nose and seemed very… real. “Uhh, did you want something short shack?”

    The man threw his shovel at Mira and knocked him a good ten feet off his horse. “Coot! It is you that is in need and I be the one giving, got that Chap? First, you must kill that black coyote with the weird eyes and bring me its body! Careful boy, it’s a really big nuts to crack job! Next, leave me alone and tomorrow I'll give you a special prize! You will even be allowed to stay at my house for the night!”

    Mira groaned, rubbing his sore torso and stood looking at the dirty old rundown hut that the man lived in. “Uhh, maybe another time old timer.”

    The man appeared in front of Mira and again hit him with the shovel. “Fogy! It must be tonight and here he comes! Go!”

    Mira tried to argue but noticed the little man was already heading back towards his house with Arion in toe for some straw that he had. He sighed and wondered how he always got stuck with crazies. Mira pulled out his revolvers and kept an eye out for a coyote. An hour soon passed and then another and another, Mira finally woke to find Arion was making a strange noise. Mira took no notice as he yawned and stretched, concluding the old man had a few screws loose. As he was about to leave, a chilling wind blew and a dark fog grew heavily around him. He told Arion to leave and pulled out his revolvers, the fog had become more of a solid wall trapping him inside. A sharp, almost maddening, voice cut through the darkness like a blade.

    “Hahaha!! The stupid old goat brought in another wannabe hero to fight his fights. When will he learn they’ll just die? Damn, he didn't even try with you did he, I mean really?”

     Mira had heard insults all throughout his life and now even animals were insulting him, wonderful. Some sheriffs even refused to take his status as a bounty hunter seriously because he looked too young. “You gonna actually fight me or run your mouth, I don't have all night! I wasted enough of my time here already.” Mira growled looking around and shot twice into the fog.

    “A heated attitude, not bad kid let's see how you do!” A large black coyote-like creature formed out of the darkness and grinned, showing each one of its sharp jagged fangs. Mira steeled his resolve and took aim, quickly unloading two whole barrels into the canine. The bullets dissolved into its body and it rushed the bounty hunter. He barely dodged the beast’s advances and landed a kick or two on its face, but he quickly found himself on the receiving end of its claws.

    Mira ducked under a swipe at his head and reloaded his revolvers with the bullets on his chest. He shot a single bullet into the bottom of the creature's jaw, but all the managed to do was anger it and it stood on two feet. A single swipe sent Mira flying into the black swirling winds, cutting his back and sending him to the ground.

    He ignored the pain of his bleeding chest and back to study how the beast would attack and then dissolve back into its dark fog. Mira realized that the coyote would always attack in the areas where the tiny bits of moonlight were not touching. He smirked as he prepared his body and tackled the attacking beast into the moonlight “Got ya Dunderhead. Take this!”

    Mira unloaded another barrel into the creature's face and this time the bullets caused black blood to ooze from the coyote. The beast howled and growled in pain, flinging its blood on Mira’s wounded chest. The black blood quickly began mixing with the red of his own. Both of them screamed as unexpected pain filled their bodies and a large black spike sprung out from Mira's chest, puncturing the coyote’s neck. He raised the revolvers to finish it, but the creature pulled the spike out and sliced the guns into pieces. With his weapons gone, Mira tried to retreat but was met with the creature biting into his leg. He screamed and held his leg, kicking the creature in the nose and making it take a step back.

    “You yellow belly coward! You'll pay for this with your blood! Die!” Mira forced himself to his feet and held his hands out in an attempt to keep the creature away, but he knew it was useless.

     'NO! He couldn't let it end like this… not when he was so close to possible answers. He wouldn't die so pathetically!' Mira screamed as the creature attacked and a dark red spike shot out his hand into the creature’s face.

    After a moment of struggling, the fog vanished and both fell to the ground in a bloody mess. The last thing Mira saw was the little man in the mask and a larger man in a black cloak and a white face staring down at him. All he was able to hear was the short one saying, “Well I'll be, the boy actually pulled it off. I didn't plan on that or on this…

    . . .

    Mira woke up in a strange dusty bed with a plate of food next to him. He checked his body in the nearby mirror and found that it had miraculously healed itself. Next to the breakfast was a black golden box and he opened it to find a black and white spiked revolver. The gun was warm and felt right in his hands, but there didn't seem like a way to open the barrel. After eating and leaving a few coins for the meal. he walked out the hut to see Arion was up and ready to go. He turned to the house to give the old man his thanks, but the entire house had vanished.

    “This just keeps getting weirder and weirder, I hope the town is more normal.”

    “It's not over yet, now get me some food Fogy!” Mira jumped and pulled out the new gun to see a mouth appeared on it. A familiar mouth with sharp jagged fangs.

    “No fucking way, the coyote? What the hell is going on here?”

    “Look, kid, I woke up like this and since you just had to fight back, you are stuck with me till you find me a way back to my old form. You caused this, you fix it!”

    Mira rubbed his temples as he ignored the weapon’s complaining and got on Arion, beginning the slow trip to town. He was so distracted by his new partner’s obnoxious yelling, that he didn't notice the short man and the taller one on a nearby cliff.

    “So think he could help us? Those two could be a threat should they learn about their new situation. I wager he won't last a week.” The small one said as he looked up at his old friend and jingled the coins in his hand. The big one smiled behind his mask.

    “Either way, this will be fun…”

The Cowboy's Match
This is my first attempt at making a western story with fantasy elements, I hope you all at least find a bit of fun in it!

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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“Each generation on this planet of Pamose has their own story of my work, tales of Fate’s chosen ones. Each one of the other weak Diopaku may have had a chosen hero or a story about them here and there, but the only one who ever truly mattered in history was me. Those destined to be great, heroes of the light and the villains shrouded in the dark whose names will live till the end of time, all because of my mercy and assistance. I made the paths they would take, paths of peace and chaos, life and death, and the one that the humans love the most. Good and evil. They always see themselves as good and who they're fighting as bad, never giving a single thought of the reasons another person fights. This is the beauty of ignorance and shows why humans will never reach the peace they all preach and beg for.

    I controlled their lives and deaths, like putty in my hands. No mortals could resist my powers, except for Them! All my careful and perfect plans would always start to unravel when they would dare to interfere! A single race of people whose souls were beyond my influence! They were not swayed by birth to the dark or the light, they were The Greys.

    That pathetic mortal race truly believed that humans should have the power to control their own destinies, just because they were touched by her power. The fools believed this so much that they began to influence the other races and even change the destinies of entire conflicts I bred! The hate and rage I felt toward them and their foolish disgusting guardian grew over the decades and centuries until it became so immense that sixteen years ago I made a drastic choice that I relish every single day. I influenced the people of the light and the dark, plus even other Diopaku, to come together and annihilate every single one of those filthy Greys! Millions died in the span of mere days, it was absolutely beautiful! Of course, there were some of the light and dark who rejected my orders and tried to defend the Greys. I delighted in their deaths and those that were captured alive, I provided them a greater purpose as test subjects and bait.

    In every corner of the world; the cries of the children, the screams of the helpless, and the useless fighting could be heard. It was purely amazing and I couldn’t help but laugh as a sea of their worthless blood finally spilled to the ground of Pamose. Every now and then I have hopes one had lived, so I could fully exterminate them myself. Now they have been gone for sixteen years and all has been going exactly as I foresaw. I am expecting fun between Anistar and the Empire soon. This conflict will bring me one step closer to my final goal and begin the beginning of the end. Go now boy and watch the seed of mistrust grow in their weak pathetic hearts.”


    Sixteen years earlier… A young couple was hiding in the shadows of a blazing city. They ran through the bloodstained streets, ignoring the screams and cries of pain and death that were echoed throughout the town. The smoke danced around as a grey cloud, hiding the deaths of entire families just out of sight. The shadows of the knights showed them breaking into houses, burning buildings so the inhabitants would run out into a waiting blade, and even throwing the newborn children to the ground before the CRUNCH of a skull would be heard. The couple was horrified and disgusted by this pure destruction of life and future generations of hope and freedom being completely and utterly annihilated without care or hesitation.

    They ran through the narrow alleyways, careful to avoid any of the ones that were near the homes of old friends and allies. As they were nearing the main gate of the village, a blood-soaked beggar crawled out of a nearby doorway with his legs missing. The stumps and hanging flesh were leaving a pronounced blood trail. As the couple attempted to avoid his gaze, he saw them and began to crawl towards them and beg pathetically.

    “Jason! Mai! Oh, Diopaku I am so glad to find you! You have to help me! They killed them! My daughter and Marie! They sliced off my legs! W-what are you doing?”

    The man, Jason pulled out a sword and looked away as he stabbed the beggar right in the head. The beggar’s loud screaming was replaced with a horrible gurgling as his lungs filled with blood and he went silent. Jason and Mai turned from the sight, whispering a prayer for the man, and ran toward the safe haven of the nearby forest. They finally past the gates, just as a huge black stallion jumped in the way and knocked them to the ground. A large man dressed in black spiked armor that resemble thorns, calmly stepped off his horse as he pulled out a lance and an enormous shield from his back. The symbol of an arcing sun was etched into the shield and seemed to have been dyed red with the amount of blood on it. His armor was splattered with so much blood, it shined in the reflection of the flames. His twisted smile was exposed from the dark helmet that shielded his eyes, showing just how much joy he was taking in from this slaughter.

    “Your guardian is imprisoned and will soon be dead. Your people are being purged from Pamose as we speak. You all should have known better than to tempt Fate’s fury for so long. She has a plan to finally rule creation, all that stood in the way were you all. The death of the Greys will be the birth of a new Pamose! A whole new universe! When I ordered this attack I never imagined it would be so easy! I guess you all were never really anything special.”

    Jason jumped to his feet, rage toward the knight filling him. “You were the psycho who ordered this massacre! All this death for what?! You’re just as insane as Fate! You bastard, you think killing us will kill what the Greys stand for or the beliefs we spread across Pamose for generations?! You think with Fate by your side you’re invincible? Let’s go then, and when I put you down I swear you'll pay for what you have done. Even if you kill me, in the end, Fate will toss you aside the moment she has no further use for you. You’re nothing but a tool, she’s using until you've outlived your usefulness. After that, she'll throw you away like trash.”

    Jason pulled out his sword and told Mai to run, but she shook her head and pulled out a wooden staff that had a multicolored stone on top. “Till death do us part, remember? I swore that day to stay by your side and I'll be damned if I leave you to die like this. We are leaving here together or dying here together, now let’s beat this bastard.”

    Jason stared at her in shock, but then smiled nodding at her. “Fine love, then let's finish this quick and show this guy the power of the Greys!” Jason rushed the knight with quick stabs and jabs as Mai summoned several spheres of energy. The knight blocked Jason's every move with his shield, but while he was busy blocking Mai would use that as a distraction and shoot the energy spheres at his back and exposed armor weaknesses. Whenever the knight put distance between himself and Jason, he used his lance to stab him at incredible speeds.

    Jason dodged the lance the best he could but quickly found himself getting cut and nearly stabbed. Each attack that he managed to land simply bounced off the knight's accursed armor. He cursed and spun his sword making the knight back away, and giving Mai the perfect chance to hit the knight with several more orbs. Seeing just how hard his armor was, Mai aimed all her orbs on the same place and they exploded on impact, blowing a hole in the armor’s right shoulder piece.

    The armor began to glow red as the hole slowly began to repair itself, with vine-like veins filling the hole. It was as though the armor was a plant and used the blood on it as nutrients to rebuild itself. Mai quickly realized they weren't going to win this fight as the footsteps of more soldiers were growing louder, so she grabbed Jason by the collar and raised her staff to teleport them away. The knight roared and refused to allow such weaklings to get the better of the Hero of Anistar, so he rocketed toward the couple trying to stab Mai with the lance.

    Jason saw the knight coming and twisted his body, getting in the way of the lance’s path. Spitting out blood, he tightly grabbed his sword and plunged it into the hole in the knight's armor. The pain caused him to pull away, taking the lance and sword with him, just as the couple vanished.

    Mai opened her eyes to find themselves in the unexplored territory that was behind the town. It was a jungle that the town’s bravest refused to travel into as monsters were said to be everywhere and they had lost a good few before. She knew they couldn’t stay here with being so close to the village, she rushed around and found Jason nearly unconscious from the lance wound. Using nearby herbs and quick thinking,  Mai was able to stop the blood flow and get Jason to wake up. They hugged tightly and, after a moment of absorbing how their lives had just been destroyed in a matter of hours, decided they had no choice but to continue running deeper and deeper into the unknown. Even as they ran, the sounds of knights echoed through the jungle. A few hours later as they felt safer and began to rest, they were forced to fight back tears for their race who were burned, beaten, drowned, and slaughtered by the one who hated them most, Fate.

    The couple tended to each other's injuries and hugged each other tightly with little hope anyone else could have escaped the devastating sneak attack. They decided they must live for all those who wouldn’t get the chance. Slowly, they began to make the most of their situation and build a new life from the ashes of their old one, keeping to themselves to never be noticed as the last of the Greys.

    Two years after that day… The couple now owned a large treehouse that was camouflaged by the environment and was near enough to a town to blend in and get supplies when needed. Since the death of the Greys, the five countries of Pamose all have tried to stay at peace but any blind person could see how strained it was becoming. The last generation of the Greys was born in the forest and as luck would have it, they were twins. Jason and Mai named the children Airi and Asher, ancient Grey names.

    Airi was born a few minutes just before her brother and the couple sensed that the children would have a hard life ahead of them. Mai would tell stories to the children as they grew, stories of the endless battles of the light and dark and the pained warriors that were always trapped in between. She and Jason told of the monsters they fought and the different races that the planet of Pamose had to offer. They taught the children of the world and the different kinds of people in it. She told of the forgotten Greys who had hidden in the shadows of the famous because their power to choose that made them dangerous and unique.

    They alone had the true power of choosing what sides they believed and fought for, they alone once denied Fate’s plans. They were once so powerful and numerous that Fate refused to accept them any longer and instead convinced humanity they were a threat that was to be feared. As humanity does when afraid, they made the wrong choice and after killing the Greys, swore to unite if any others were to rise again. Whenever the children asked if any Greys were left, Mai would hug them and respond, “I’m afraid not.”


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