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:Jessica Redtail:

this is jessie and her faithful simmie mr dubloon i can't tell you much about this project because it's meant for something far it's getting positive results.
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amazing as always.. love it
pixie-the-gator's avatar
gorgeous coloring job
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Really, I love the color that you put! : D
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thank you so much!! :hug:
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looks cool - good job_`~...
Asher-Bee's avatar
thank you ever so much :hug:
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you're quite welcomes_:aww:_`~...
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Epicness. 8D Loooove the outfit and she's just so freaking gorgeous! You did such a nice job on this, it's brilliant and amazing. ^^ I really adore her hair. It is so awesome. o: Her design really rocks. :D
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thank you so so much ^^
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UGH I wanna know more D: so much awesomeness...I love her mini skirt and boots!
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:giggle: well as soon as i can, i'll show you the whole thing. i worked with another artist. ^^
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Nice! Great costume and details. Love it!
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coming from you now that's a comment and a half :D thanks!
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shiny! i love the monkey too!
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This is pretty awesome! Loved the colours!
Asher-Bee's avatar
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Awww I like the monkey XD
I like the whole thing, really. It's just that monkey is so cute haa
Asher-Bee's avatar
:giggle: thanks. he's actually my first monkey.
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i don't know how you put so much detail into your art, but it really pays off. gorgeous.

now you have to TELL US WHAT THIS IS FOR. the mystery and suspense is just plain teasing.
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:giggle: not yeeeeett..
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