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UPDATE: Finally finished!!!! Thanks for putting up with my insanity!!

You can call me Capt. Lightleg... Cable to my friends, but only my mother calls me "Virginia".  I travel the vast oceans, treasure hunting with my faithful, yet at times vexing firstmate Clancy. He's a very dear friend, but I'd rather you not tell him that.  He tends to have a big mouth, so lets keep that little tid-bit between you and I!

I may look like your "average" girlie girl, but I need no man to "fix" me.  I'm "me" and that's all I'll claim to ever be. Pirate by trade, but I dabble in tech. Upgrades are my staple, especially with my sonic cannon lovingly nicknamed "The Chum Drum" for it's massive sound. Let's just say, you'll know when I'm in the area.

If you catch eye of me in the tavern, come over for a drink or two.  I can be as warm as whiskey, or as sharp as cheddar but any man I set my eye on will see fireworks by the end of the day. <3
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the picture would be better if the prosthetic was a peg leg.