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Capt. Cable V. Lightleg

UPDATE: Finally finished!!!! Thanks for putting up with my insanity!!

You can call me Capt. Lightleg... Cable to my friends, but only my mother calls me "Virginia".  I travel the vast oceans, treasure hunting with my faithful, yet at times vexing firstmate Clancy. He's a very dear friend, but I'd rather you not tell him that.  He tends to have a big mouth, so lets keep that little tid-bit between you and I!

I may look like your "average" girlie girl, but I need no man to "fix" me.  I'm "me" and that's all I'll claim to ever be. Pirate by trade, but I dabble in tech. Upgrades are my staple, especially with my sonic cannon lovingly nicknamed "The Chum Drum" for it's massive sound. Let's just say, you'll know when I'm in the area.

If you catch eye of me in the tavern, come over for a drink or two.  I can be as warm as whiskey, or as sharp as cheddar but any man I set my eye on will see fireworks by the end of the day. <3
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the picture would be better if the prosthetic was a peg leg.
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Awesome prosthetic leg!
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thank ya kindly! :heart:
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This is a beautiful looking vector!
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What a rad character! :heart:
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Amazing! If I ever had to get a prosthetic leg, I want one like this!
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Ha ha, I hope you never have to get one, but if you do let me know and we can just steal her's.
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That's really cool ! I like the flow.
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Amazing, Ash, just brilliant!! I love that you gave the pelican a prosthesis too, as well as the portal into his belly :D  Every little detail is just's one of those that, every time I look at it, I see something I missed before :D 
awesome! I wish I could produce such a masterpiece!
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thanks! so glad you like it! I've been practicing for two decades, so I'd say just jump in there and start practicing. ^_^ I still hope to be as good as the artists I aspire to be like, but that won't happen unless I keep trying.
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i adore EVERYTHING about this pic, i scarcely know where to start. a very original and sexy space pirate. instead of a peg leg, she's got a very stylish syfy leg. i love the badass cracks in the outer shell. and the outfit, takes my breath away

you gotta do something for me sometime! excellent work
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Aww thanks! I do do commissions so let me know when you're interested. I have plans to do another project for this contest, care to take a guess at what I'll be doing? Hint: it's a monster
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I'm thinking.... either she-wolf or bride of frankenstein ^v^   or vampire?
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4-legged variety of monster...with fur...well kind of fur.
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oh, shall I tell you? :la:
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I've just uploaded the sketch. :giggle:
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I would SOOOOOOO steal this tutorial if you ever make it :XD:

:heart:_:heart: I LOVE everything! All the details, the fluffy feathers, the glows... EVERYTHING!!! I MUST run back to all your tutorials and find out if I miss how to make the fluffy feathers. I'm pretty sure that you have explained it before... but still.. SO MUCH details!!!! 
*awesome details overdose*
Yescrying Ule Yescrying Ule 
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lol, i wish I did make a tutorial out of this. if you still can't figure out the feathers, let me know. i'm actually planning to make another piece since i have to guess what it will be?
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