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Avengence Is Ours!

By Asher-Bee
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YAY!!! I finally finished them all! I'm working on more Computer Aided Graphics Homework, the theme I chose was Comic Con. ^_^ It's a pretty lackadaisical school so we could choose any theme for our flyer/poster. I wanted to make something I wouldn't be bored with so here ya go. I'll also be using the characters in my Electronic Publishing class and make business cards out of them. Hope they look awesome...I have an idea for them so we'll see how they work out.

Rough sketch:

this was my influence for the style. it was such a beautiful and idea that I wanted to emulate it a bit.

I love love love her lines and simplicity. I lack simplicity very much. T_T
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this looks fantastic :la:
excellent work ^-^
Asher-Bee's avatar
thank you so very much. :love:
Doodlz18's avatar
very welcome c:
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i think it's vengence, not Avengence. BUT IT STILL LIKE :D
Asher-Bee's avatar
That's actually the point. It was intentional ^_^
funquisha's avatar
to make it more "avengers-y" yeah i thought that might be it ;D
anyway, it looks really good! :D

...i probably already said that but oh well haha
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Oh whatt an honor! I love it!!! <3
Asher-Bee's avatar
Thank you so very much :love: it's an honor knowing that you like it.
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feel like i should know eho the bow & arrow man is... :|
Raqalien's avatar
thor is macho :)
Asher-Bee's avatar
thanks a bunch!!! :D
horsesRcool22's avatar
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I love this so hard! *_*
Asher-Bee's avatar
thanks a freakin bunch!!! :la:
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The background is very dull compared to the characters :)

Sure it does it's work and make them stand out, but compared to what you're usually doing, the background do need some work. Just my opinion anyway ;)
Asher-Bee's avatar
this is more so to show the characters off. there wasn't any thought put into the background other than I didn't want it a would have been even more dull. :B if you read the artist's comments i wrote, you'll see i'm not trying to do my style. i'm trying to branch out a bit and i've linked to a piece that someone did that was extremely simple and i really loved how the characters looked. ^^ these guys are intended for my homework assignments, i just put them together like this to show the work before i start cutting them to ribbons for posters and cards lol.
Martin-Fredskov's avatar
I did read the artists' comments, but most have failed to get the full point :iconfacepalmplz:. In any case, I think a solid background would've done it better, but in any case, if it's just for cutting out. I see your point, and that it's more or less obsolete :)
Asher-Bee's avatar
point taken...solid added. ^^
Martin-Fredskov's avatar
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Me wants this poster :love:
tinzart's avatar
Wonderful sweetheart. :)
keight's avatar
Very nicely handled!
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