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Steam punk Texture 1

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Thank you for providing great stock! I used this image here:…
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used it here  Download by SmirkCat
thank you ^^
AshenSorrow's avatar
:iconspotlightplz: :iconawedanceplz: :iconcrazysoloplz:  :wow: Magnificent! :wow: :iconcrazysoloplz: :iconawedance2plz: :iconspotlightplz:
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:iconwoohooplz: :iconfellaplaysguitarplz:Out friknstanding!!! :iconfellaplaysguitarplz: :iconwoohooplz: :iconspotlightplz:
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:icongritoplz:  :iconorgasmingplz: AMAZING art you did a fantastic job!!:iconorgasmingplz: :icongritoplz:   :iconspotlightplz: 
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Aaaaaa thank you!!!Tard Boogie - now a plz
11th-Memory's avatar
I used this here: thank you!
AshenSorrow's avatar
:iconomgextremeplz: :woohoo: Absolutely amazing! :woohoo: :winner: I LOVE this!! :iconhappydancerplz: :iconawesome-plz: :iconhappybouncerplz: :iconhappydancerplz: :excited: :iconhappydancerplz:

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Thank you so much! 
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Used your image here : [link] Thanks!
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Bogomil92's avatar
Thank you! You helped !
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:iconpyrodanceplz: this is 1000% Magnificent!:iconpyrodanceplz: :iconjoyplz:
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Thank you c:
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I'm more than willing to comply with your rules, I'm just confused as to the name. This is a circuitboard texture. Circuitboards are not steampunk.
AshenSorrow's avatar
:shrug: sorry im still learning!
feralucce's avatar
how is circuitry... the antithesis of steam punk... steampunk?
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