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Loved and Lost :iconashenlyric:Ashenlyric 1 1
Over and Over | Solavellan
[A/N: For maximum pain, please listen to this: ]
“This is another dream, isn’t it.”
The silence that followed was so long, and so deafening, that she swore she was going to scream.
The reply was soft, and calm, just like it always was. The mere sound of his voice made her throat clench and her heart squeeze.
“You…you can’t keep doing this to me."
Her own voice was nothing more than a harsh whisper, the pain she was feeling entwined with each word.
"I know.”
She refused to turn around, knowing that if she had, she would fall into him all over again, letting him break her with every sentence that passed through his lips.
He made his way toward her, his face showing all the emotion that lacked in his voice. Pain, regret, anger, longing…he felt a need to see her face once more, to count every freckle that caressed her fair features, like c
:iconashenlyric:Ashenlyric 9 1
Just One Date - Jean x Reader {CONTEST}
People stared as you walked past briskly, a pop in your step. It was finally spring, which meant that the cadets were just that much closer to their final evaluation. You smiled, more so than usual as you waltzed to the mess hall to grab a snack.
"Hey! [Name]!" You smirked at the familiar voice as they jogged up to you, falling quickly in step. You smiled lazily over at the boy, who was smirking down at you knowingly. You and Jean have had a rivalry ever since you two enrolled. He was also constantly trying to get you to go on a date with him, but you were in the military for a reason, you didn't have time to be fooling around with boys.
"What is it, Jean?" Jean's shit eating grin was ever present as he stepped in front of you, causing you to stop abruptly and look up at him agitated.
"The hell, Kirschtein?! I'm trying to get something to eat!" He just looked down at you, almost condescendingly.
"Oh you're hungry? That's interesting.You see, I just came back from the market, and, well,
:iconashenlyric:Ashenlyric 101 24
Confessions - Erwin x Reader x Levi [RQ]
You walked into the dining area quietly, grabbing your bowl of stew and bread. You sat down towards the back, keeping to yourself as you watched your squad members eat and socialize merrily.
"[F/n]! I've been looking for you!" Hanji burst through the door and waltzed right over, plopping down next to you with her own food rations. You quirked an eyebrow, still chewing the recent bite you took off your bread.
"Me? Why?" You inquired, making Hanji laugh as she shoveled more stew in her mouth.
"I wanted to know if you wouldn't mind taking my place during the survey mission tomorrow." She leaned on the table, begging eyes peeking over her glasses.
"Why can't you go?" You asked cautiously. Hanji was usually found doing something that was borderline insane, so you try to keep her out of trouble when you can. She grinned at you and straightened her back proudly.
"Sonny and Bean have been making such progress! I have been trying different methods to get them to maybe talk or something in the l
:iconashenlyric:Ashenlyric 125 28
Promise Me - Jean x Reader
'It was hard to tell the difference between the thumping of your horses' hooves and the thumping of your own heart. Both sounds rang in your ears along with the mangled cries of people you once called your squad. You looked around, noticing that more than half of the right flank had been eaten. Your breathing quickened as you shouted for the rest of your team to keep riding, trying to get your 3-dimensional mobility gear to get behind the titan that was gaining up on you. You cursed under your breath as you noticed the lack of trees surrounding you. A gasp erupted from your throat as the wind whipped at the gash on your face. Tears stung your eyes as you looked behind you, the titan slowly closing the gap between you. You cried out and pushed your horse to go faster.
"[Name]! You have to keep going. You can't slow down now!" You turned your head, your eyes widening as you saw Jean. 'What is he doing here?! He wasn't assigned to Right Flank!' You thought, a bewildered look plastered
:iconashenlyric:Ashenlyric 68 12
Private Training - Reiner x Reader
 A bead of sweat raced down your temple, giving your cheek a slight tickling sensation. You leaped back and rested your hands on your thighs, panting. You wiped off the sweat, standing back up straight and seeing Reiner doing the same about ten feet away. You cleared you throat and sighed. He stared at you pointedly while you smirked at him.
"You haven't improved at all, [Name]." Reiner said, the smallest of smirks forming on his lips. The simple upward twitch of his mouth was enough to get you going. You frowned, your brow furrowing.
"You clearly haven't either!" You shouted back at him, folding your arms over your chest.
"Well, shall we try another round then?" You heard him say just as you started to walk away. You stopped and turned, trying to hide the smile on your face as you nodded feverishly and readied yourself in a fighting stance. He held that tiny smirk as he readied himself as well.
"I'm not gonna go easy on you this time." Reiner pointed out to you. You laughed.
:iconashenlyric:Ashenlyric 187 11


Sweet on the Inside | Bakugou Katsuki
Disclaimer: I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia is the property of Kōhei Horikoshi.
i. appreciation
"Hey, excuse me?" your voice caused Midoriya to turn, and upon making eye contact you asked, "Your pastries and cakes.. they're all made fresh here right?"
Midoriya nods eagerly, and he smiled, "Our pâtissier makes it every morning."
Is that so? The smile on your face makes Midoriya curious, and you responded, "I see. Please let them know their pastries are absolutely divine."
Your eyes twinkled with unadulterated adoration and Midoriya couldn't say no to that request. Not like he was going to. As he made his way to the kitchen in the back, without any hesitation he softly announced, "Kacchan, someone really likes your pastries!"
"Shut up, Deku." Bakugou i
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 514 57
Heroes and Explosions | Katuski Bakugo x Reader
    The day was going pretty bad for you. First, you lost your wallet and then you spilled your drink all over your clothes. The only thing that gave you solace was knowing that the day couldn’t possibly get any worse than it was already.
    Of course, you were wrong.
    You just had to be the last one left at work after closing. Your co-workers were willing to wait for you, but no. Being stubborn, you insisted on them going while you finished up a few last things. Now here you were; hiding behind the counter as a villain was currently looting the store, inching closer and closer to the register you were behind.
    Sweeping the area with your eyes, you desperately looked for a phone that you could use, but there were none in sight. The only thing you found that could prove to be a little useful was a baseball bat. You were no hero, though,
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 158 7
Bakugo Katsuki X Reader [Wingman]
You were known as the sweetheart of the first years, an easy spirit with a contagious smile and the ability to make anyone’s heart skip. You had a golden heart, and unfortunately, you were adorable. The word always tasted strange on Bakugo’s tongue, but there was no other way for him to describe you.
It seemed everything about you was the complete opposite of him, but no matter hard he tried to avoid you, you were always there. Always in his general area, always smiling to him. He hated it. He hated the way you made him feel.
Fuzzy, light, more calm than usual...all things he despised. He wanted to blame your Quirk for these disgusting feelings, but you had already told him that your Quirk only works with physical contact.
So there was only one other explanation, but he would never admit that he had fallen for the same girl so many other guys were pining for.
Another thing he hated about you.
Of course it had to be the “sweetheart” that his heart throbbed around
:iconshoutingfir380:ShoutingFir380 293 21
Widowmaker's jump by Kate-FoX Widowmaker's jump :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 4,793 78 The thieves by Kate-FoX The thieves :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 11,554 246 Flower Girl by ribkaDory Flower Girl :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,407 39 Winter train station by snatti89 Winter train station :iconsnatti89:snatti89 7,603 200
707 x Reader |Choice Words|
Once again, you call his name softly. The sleeping figure mumbles incoherently, his breathing growing more intense. Knitting your eyebrows together, you begin to shake him gently. That seems to do the trick, as this time, he wakes up.
He's panting, sweat glistening his skin, and gnawing on his lip violently. As if working on instinct alone, he reaches out blindly. Only when his hand reaches your shoulder does he relax his muscles, exhaling.
"I woke you up, didn't I?" he murmurs. You shake your head, a tired smile on your face.
In the dark, you squint, managing to see his ruffled red hair. You raise a hand and start combing through the stray strands, causing Saeyoung to relax into your touch.
"What was your dream about?" you inquire in a whisper. He freezes for a moment, eyes avoiding your gaze.
"It was-- you were there. All of our friends too. But, instead of you coming to greet me, you'd greet each one of them first. It was different each time, all of them got a shot. I ha
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 232 19
Ayato Kirishima x Fem!Reader
(Tokyo Ghoul)
Warnings: Long. Profanity. Gore. A bit crack-ish?
[A Simple Four Step Process to Wooing a Girl]
    ft. Ayato Kirishima
"You arrogant jerk!"
"Oi, chill the fuck out. Did mother nature come—"
"Finish that sentence and I will gauge out your eyes."
"...I'll take that as a yes."
"You're absolutely unbelievable. Get out!"
With that, the scrawny, 15 year old teenager was promptly kicked out of the room. He stared in disbelief as the angry girl shot him one last glare before slamming the door shut with a loud BANG. He shoved his hands into his pockets, a scowl marring his face.
He paused for a moment.
"You still have to go on the mission with me!"
The reply was immediate.
"Fuck off!"
Ayato 'hmph'ed, grumbling angrily to himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied Eto and Tatara staring at hi
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 378 73
Izaya Orihara x Fem!Reader
Author's Note: oh hey look she's back
I love you, [Name]-chan!
You swore you felt your eyebrow twitch. Next to those sickeningly romantic words was the profile picture of none other than Izaya Orihara, winking at the camera with his tongue pointed out — a typical pose your boyfriend loved to strike. Immediately, you felt your nose crinkle in disgust, almost as if it were a natural reflex. After all, you hated all forms of public displays of affection. Not to mention, social freakin' media was easily one of the most public things out there in the world.
"Was that really necessary?" You finally deadpanned, lowering your phone for a brief moment to shoot an exasperated look at your boyfriend.
Said boyfriend glanced over at you from across his apartment, winking at you from over his computer screen.
You simply rolled your eyes, punching in a quick reply comment (idiot.) before returning to the pile
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 186 25
Make Up [Yuuri x Reader]
"Close your eyes," Yuuri smiled, holding the brush in front of your eyes.
"Aaaww, you know you didn't have to," you giggled.
"Hey, I know I'm not the best, but I'm glad to."
Yuuri always promised his girlfriend that he would try to do her make-up one day. Of course, as one would suspect, he could really only learn from observation and his handful of experiences backstage before performances. Oddly enough, he was pretty fascinated when he watched you fix yourself up. He could sweetly admit that he liked you just as you were, but at the same time, there was a generosity hidden behind the art of make-up, a special message that said something like "I can give you a special version of me." Regardless of what exactly he liked about your make-up, he now had the chance to execute the same tricks on his own.
Poor baby. Yuuri's hand shook a lot when he was near you. Perhaps he was afraid to mess up, or perhaps his mind would venture...elsewhere. Still, nerves seemed to improve his skills rather
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 177 16
Heaven [Viktor x OCD!Reader]
[Please read the description before you read.]
One smooth stride, and she glides across the glittering stage. A cold breeze playfully bites at her cheeks, leaving a rosy hue to her skin, and glassy trees sway to the rhythm of her steady pace. Sparkling snowflakes join her in her dance. They flit and float about her like little, white fairies playing in the winter morning and land gingerly in her lashes, on her hair, on her clothes. Peaking behind the thick curtain of clouds, the ever glowing rays of the smiling sun surrounds her in its warmth, serving as her spotlight, a small reminder that she plays the leading role here.
This is her moment.
This is her time to shine.
Slow strides, a small spin, the metal of her skates glimmer with each movement. The ice scrapes beneath her feet, leaving flecks of powder in her wake. Her body moves with the wind, with the bending of the branches. Eyes closed, she feels her skin prickle at the cold fingers of the winter air carrying her over the vast,
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 201 71
squirrel by Fukari squirrel :iconfukari:Fukari 4,511 60 Dadpool by ribkaDory Dadpool :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,211 31
Light (Grimsley x Reader)
Watching him drinking from his mug of coffee was one of the stranger experiences she could remember; he handled the casino's machines with ease, after all, having no hesitance whilst accepting another offer of a game or another reason to squander what the League was willing to give, but come the morning he behaved as though the coffee were the most formidable thing he had seen in his entire life.
He held it gingerly, wordlessly, with an almost impatient expression - the ceramic mug was all he would stare at for moments at a time, a second  before he would resume his habit of allowing his eyes to flit continually back and forth. To what extent these mannerisms were natural or habitual was unknown, but still it could leave anyone with a sense of bewilderment were they to reflect too long upon it. 
It was chance that she had happened upon Grimsley to view both the alternate ends of his life's spectrum - it was chance in the same way that his life was born from chance, born into
:iconvienna-kangaroo:vienna-kangaroo 41 20
nescient / professor sycamore x reader
Nescient | 'nεsιənt |
lacking knowledge; ignorant.

He’s nescient to the way you gaze at him in the office. He’s nescient to how you know he likes six sugar cubes in his cup. Nescient to the reason why the coffeemaker isn’t out of grinded coffee after not refilling it for months. Nescient to why his mug is always clean, on his desk.
Nescient to the way that you care about him.
Professor Augustine Sycamore is late today; today, of all days, the day when his old students are scheduled to arrive. You’re leaning on your desk, glow from your computer straining your eyes, but you don’t care. You just need him here, right now. Not only for the job.
His lateness is justified, just by a little bit—he did just arrive the night before from a flight from Hoenn, probably to attend a wedding or something—but this meeting was planned for a month. And you don’t want him to deal with all the repercussions for his actions, mostly t
:iconpolydeuce:polydeuce 86 19
Alright, somehow, I'm still alive.

I'm not gonna lie to you, I haven't been writing at all lately. I've mostly just been a lump wishing something would come to me but I felt like it was all done before and I just never had the motivation. 

BUT, I've been on a major kick lately and I think I'm gonna be able to write again, maybe, hopefully.

Expect a lot of Misaki Yata x readers in the coming weeks. (I'm just so in love with him)

*ahem*, also, uh, others. Of Course. 

Okay bye.
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