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Different Angles of a Skull - Open Mouth

***** EDIT: It's funny to read comments. Did you know: Pictures of skull + open jaw = Comedy gold. However, Pictures of skull + no/closed jaw = srs bznz.

By request.

This one was a bit harder to do, the mandible isn't attached to the rest of the skull so I had to prop it up and move around it to take the pictures rather than using my tripod.

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

In the downloadable content, the files are much larger and there are more images included. (IMPORTANT NOTE: As stated above, this one was harder to do. I had to move around them to take the pictures and therefore some of the full size images are a bit blurry. This is why this package is listed at 100pts while the others are listed at 200pts.)

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

:bulletred: Please don't post the package outside of DA.
:bulletred: Please send me a link to your piece so I can see how it was used :)
:bulletred: I do not need credit but you can link back to this package so that others can use it too.

Different Angles of a Skull - Open Mouth REDONE by XeiArt

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For anyone interested in purchasing their own personal skull mold, you can buy them here on a lovely website called Dapper Cadaver, which sells a hundred other awesome strange props and doodads:…

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Thanks a lot for the great skull references!! I use them a lot to practice sketching :))

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Thank you for this! I just stumbled upon your collection, and it has sooo much neat stuff! Much appreciated <3

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Thanks for the stock!
Used here:
Dragon Team Alpha Force by tvanbrab  
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Thank you for this stock 
Used it as stock here
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i just think of Skeletor laughing very slowly whenever i see these images...
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How I feel when I laugh really hard to the point where everything hurts:
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Excellent, very helpful.
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why do you have a skull?
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Thank you for this stock :D 
Used it as stock here
The Laughing Skull by Takogami
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This is awesome! I've been looking for good Skull references. You're a life saver! I'll post a picture of the piece when it's done. :)
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Is it okay to use it for my Ghost Rider manips?
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The artwork is free to use for personal creative endeavors, but do not post them outside of DeviantArt and do not sell them for profit.
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Hi, I was wondering if we used this one after purchasing. Can we post the artwork we made outside of dA with a credit linking to your profile on the description?
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Many thanks !
I used it here: The Three Sieves
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Thank you for this great work , used it here :…
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Hello, I used your stock as reference here: Thank you!
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I imagine it singing lel!
I'm gonna print it for ref and will maybe use it to make a Frankenstein painting. Will link it as soon as I finish it!
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Used here.. great stock my dear.. thank you so much!!!…

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