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I feel like i uploaded this before
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Aaaand shes back! Lets gooooo!

Nice Innuendo at the End.

And ze Chicks are cute as ever.

No, don't remember that one, Its most likely unused.

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cut5e is the rule! and thanks!

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Hey how are you doing late time you didn't fell good how your doing better :)

Have a great day thx for the art btw.

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a bit all over the place honestly but more upward than before ^^

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Well I wish you well :) Take care mantal health is important. Have a great day again :D

wow you change your name, I almost unrecognize you until I notice your iconic art style :)

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iconic? lol

i always considered it knock off anime style :P

thanks you though ^^

To be fair, everything good has to be inspired by something

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I’m sure she’ll have no problems getting nailed now.

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My engineering mind and training is angry and cringing at how dumb this guy is xD but a cute ending at least

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yeah i wanted to make him look kinda stupid . he cant even hold the effing hammer right

*gives nail gun*

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This just in!

a young construction worker was found dead with multiple nail wounds covering her body, surveillance cameras show all wounds t o9 be self inflicted and non intentional

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