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The Great Railgun Bundle

This consists of all of my paycomics including the one I just released and ARTR 1 and 2  Comes at a far bit of a discount at $15

If ya have enjoyed my comic works and want to get it all at a cheaper price here is your answer ^^

Buy it here on gumroad 
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Weirdly the bundle has sneakers to heels 1 and 3 but not 2, is there anywhere I can get that?

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It's an old thing that'll i'll update soon, or delete. However everything since has been on patreon for a lower price. I've thrown out a message here in there about that but i def havn't advertised that properly yet

I have a question, when you buy this will it get updated if u updated the comic. (example: you add a new page to card games would I get the other page or would i have to buy something new?)

I want to know this because I wanna know if I should but it now or wait till your done with it all (all the comics).

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I'm really loving your "From Sneakers to Heels" story so far and have now reached your latest page. I wish I can keep on reading but it'll definitely take a while for you to complete all 71 pages of this amazing series. I understand that making art and a script will take time. So take as long as you need to make everything pitch perfect.

BTW, what are the upsides of paying 15 dollars for this?! More colored pictures and extras?!

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most of my work is posted in some off/ grey-scale fashion. The "from sneakers to heels" one is 1/2 grey sclae tho by defalt since thats how i made it. probably wont do that anymore tho lol.  Yet for the most part all my comics are colored and you get rid of the censor bars by buying the $15 package 
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Alright, Just curious what kind of bang I would get for my buck.

Thank you very much. :)

I realy want buy Your bundle and pay with paypal, but gumroad insist to ask to my creditcard. So I have to renounce to Your work

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If your still interested in the bundle heres how you can pay with paypal ^^…

Theres a little animation that shows how its done.  If your not interested anymore then I appreciate the initial interest ^^ I hope to bring some content you'll enjoy in the future 
Thanks: But it's not up to me or paypal (I ask them), it's an option at, which wants to secure the payment with credit card informations...
how you enter gumroad?
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Click the link in the description
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That's a real bummer....  I already purchased two comics so the discount will render me useless.
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