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Sneakers 3

Sneakers Chapter 3
Al, get's dressed
(I won't be able to post the 1st few pages because DA rulez)

Sneakers 3

Patreon Has it all

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I read all three chapters and saw the other pieces of artwork of both Al and Holly. It was well worth reading their story and I love how you handled Al's mental state and stress after being transformed.

Both Al and Holly totally warmed my heart, these two are so adorable!

Bought up 1-3. Still waiting for chapter 4

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i have for in my mind byt i needed to do a few something before it that I had been delayed in doing. Sorry. I still very munch plan to make chap 4-7

yah, take your time if you need a break take one. if you burn yourself out of doing this that would be terrible. i know i cant relate to writing these types of stories for poeple to read i just write some and don't show anyone yet... but I have burned myself out of reading a book and its been like 2 or three months i read book for a long time. and im a big reader. so if you need a break take one!! 😃😃 Good Luck!

Hey, no prob. You've been going through a rough patch and it's great to hear you're working your way through it. You do you, take your time, and keep it up.

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im working on chapter 2 of the princess one, lots more... errrr. intimacy. Also right after im super excited to begin a central american/ tribal esc comic. tho that one may not have porn. but after chap 1 of the unnamed title ill be working on sneakers 4.

We're all behind you, beside you, in front of you, over, under, whereever you need us, and just glad you're doing better. You do what you want/need to do.

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Where can I find the first 6 pages of Chapter 3?

Btw, Nice Cover Art. :)

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patreon, It's pretty explicit so i couldnt post here

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Nah, So I can't view them... :(

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eventually ill probably throw em up on twitter

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Awesome! Let me know if you ultimately decide to do so. ^_^

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Dude: Your bettie eye lashes, your good looks, your dress, your proper behavior. Find some other idiot to fool lady. You get zero money and zero resources from me. Twit. 😠And yes, I'm a straight male. Bye.

if you don't like this don't click on it, and there are some people that like reading this stuff. and want this for themselves sometimes so if you don't like this don't CLICK ON IT!!! 🤬, Its not Ashecomics that did anything bad towards you don't take your hate out on other people that deserve it. go yell at the one that made you this way/angry.

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Oh I need to go pay and download this :)

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Nice to see you and this series beeing back
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