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Scotishtrip 021

Here's the rest of back n plaid
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Aww so cute!! God I wish this could happen to me

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Awww that last panel is so cute.

Yeah I don't think that creepy store lady understands what the word costume means unfortunately

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yeah she dropped out of highschool to discovery her... errr.... energies?

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Well at least they're happy (and lucky as hell, omg being a mommy has been my dream since I was 10 years old ;_; Finding out I can't conceive because I'm trans has been devastating, I mean I learned pretty fast as an adult, but as a child it was life shattering) It's nice to live vicariously through these sometimes though.

People might judge you for this content but I'm extremely grateful. Yeah sometimes the transformations are clearly not always wanted, but... sometimes those fever dreams still help.

So thank you Railgun, for everything ♥