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You do a very nice transformation drawing :)

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U need to teach me how to do this :D
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always use references (good ones)  sketch it out roughly with big brush.  Lower opacity of sketch layer . make new layer. sketch again less rough and w/ smaller brush. lower new sketch layer opacity. add another layer. Sketch with a brush slightly bigger than the brush you'll use for line art. Lower sketch layer opacity. Make lineart layer. Do lineart (you can separate hair into another layer if thats easier) Then make color layer below the lineart and begin coloring. Few tricks to make coloring easier but there'd be many more words than can sensible be read in a comment :P 
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That's not what I meant, but thanks for the tips ;) 
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I would really love if these things were real
That... Is the weirdest weight loss scheme I have ever seen.
Props for originality, though.
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Person is now fox person noice magic
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cute is the rule ^^
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Definitely the most unorthodox weight loss method I've seen on this site. Great transformation. 
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heh thank ya thank ya.  ill continue to try and keep things fresh
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super cute ^u^
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squirrel fluff good fluff c:
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