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Road Map Not Included - Page 27


Second evolution!!

Glad to finally be out of Nacrene, big city time now

This page kinda jumps around a bit but that's just because there's a lot of stuff I wanted to put in. Fun fact: This page and the next page were one page in my script, but I decided to split them to let both parts breathe.

- So yeah, Lute got sent to the daycare almost immediately just because I really didn't feel like training up another grass type with Burgh right around the corner
- I was so excited to evolve Nimbus in-game that I did it the second I got that evolution stone. Simipour time :3
- Also the card game they're playing in the beginning segment is Uno. Because of course it is
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oh, it looks like maybe you stopped adding Next links at a certain point. It would really help with navigation to have them here so that people who discover your comic for the first time, like me, can read it without looking through the gallery for the right pages!

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AH YEAH! I was getting slammed with school around this time and just completely fell off doing the navigation links ;-;

I've been meaning to update them for a while but it just kept slipping my mind. Thanks for the reminder!! I'll get them updated as soon as I can :>

GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar

I understand! Keep up the good work on the comic btw!

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Commenting again to let you know that I've fixed up all the navigation links! Thanks again for the reminder and I'm glad you're enjoying my comic :D!

GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar

Awesome! Thanks for doing that, it helps a LOT. Time to continue reading!