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Road Map Not Included - Page 25


hhhhhhhhhh this page had so many backgrounds,,,,

Should I have split this page into two? Perhaps. Did I do that? Absolutely not

- Burgh! ...I don't know why but he was super hard for me to draw at first, it felt like his design was changing every other panel
- I like to think it's kind of a common stereotype that new trainers are always getting involved in like. Every problem that they come across. Mainly because most recently certified trainers are kids/teens getting their first real taste of responsibility and they're all just so excited to use their pokemon regardless of the situation
- This is a world where team plasma doesn't blatantly do crimes while in uniform most of the time. I feel like I had more to say about this but my brain is completely blanking right now whoops
- Not a page note, but a bit of a real life update: In between this page and last page I started college! I'm gonna do my best to keep this comic running while keeping on top of homework, but if something comes up I will let you guys know
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This page is missing a Next link!

(enjoying the comic; planning to catch all the way up)

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ohoho! I wonder what she gonna catch in the inner Pinwheel!