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Road Map Not Included - Page 23


(Deviantart don't eat my description challenge >://)

And that's another badge down! Woo!

Now it's time... for me to go on break. This part has been really fun to make and has really helped me figure out what I want to do with this comic but it's also been... exhausting (especially with that hard drive incident). As much as I want to jump right into the next part (I'm. Very excited for it :>) I really do need a minute to just. relax.

Road Map Not Included will return August 19th!!

- I was super worried about this fight because Lenora always hits hard but it actually went pretty well! Using actual strategy for once probably helped with that lol
- Jade basically never got hit after that first retaliate thanks to a bunch of sand attack set up. Somehow every stat lowering move hit but every. single. attack. missed. I tried to work that into the comic but I couldn't find a way to script it that wasn't a bit boring and it also probably would have needed another page (and this part is long enough!)
- Anyone who can guess what fossil that fragment is part of gets a prize (*prizes not guaranteed)
- Cheren and Bianca started making fun of Finley like, 0.2 seconds after this page closed
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Ooh nice strategy! Congrats on getting the 2nd badge!

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Thanks! I was. Very scared of Lenora so I tried to play it safer than I usually do lol

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