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Road Map Not Included - Page 21


If you thought N had gotten any easier to write since his last appearance, you'd be wrong. (Still missed drawing him tho)

- The Dragons are one of the lesser known Unovan myths due to their presence only being recorded at one specific point in history. Considering that they haven't been seen since, some historians speculate that they either died a long time ago or have entered a near permanent state of hibernation
- So do any of you have that one topic where, when it's brought up, it's like a switch that gets flipped in your brain and suddenly whatever the conversation was about before doesn't matter because you Have To Talk About This Topic? Finley has that with a lot of history related things, but especially with obscure things like the Dragons because they never get to talk about them
- I tried out a new work flow for this page and it actually worked super well?? Like I was so much more efficient on this page than a lot of the others (Of course I figure that out right as the part gets close to ending,,,)
- Going off the above point, this part is almost done! Next time: Gym battle!
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