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My OCs

Wed Aug 16, 2017, 11:29 AM

It's time to organize them! Basically they all belong to some parallel fantasy Universe, which so far exists in my head and notes, if my life became more stable, I'll write the story about this Universe, but so far I just trying to create right images for my characters.

Alice (Alyssa V. Black)

Definitely Slytherin by Ashdei-san Victorious by Ashdei-san
She's a very talented and powerful witch. Originally she is from India, but cause of some events, she has a very pale skin and bright not-human green eyes. She looks about 24 years old.
When she was a little girl she was very kind and extrovert person, but also very powerful in magic, so some other wizards decided that she is not a 6-year girl, but an accomplice of one evil sorcerer who invent such a good way to hide himself. They catch her, put in prison and tortured her to "confess" and "take true form", and than just forgot about her, cause it was war. That changes her personality almost completely, she escaped from prison when she was 19 with only desire - to find sorcerers of being who's accomplish she was accused and kill them. And than kill every person who was responsible to her imprisoning.
For finding information she became a teacher in magic Academy. No one could recognize in her a criminal cause her appearance changed too much. She is very driven, smart and sometimes cruel person, and first time she lives only with vigilante thoughts, but time with students and other sorcerers eventually made her character more human. She enjoys to laugh and all social events, but her own jokes seems too cynical for others.
Alice likes to be outdoor, to eat tasty food, to talk with colleagues (even she thinks they are "instruments" to achieving her goals). She adores fancy clothes and when her invented spells works perfectly. She has strong connections with snakes and dragons. She is more kind person than she thinks she is.
Eventually she realized that casting and invent different spells is more exciting for her than been a killer and avenger, calm down and decided to dedicate herself into pure magic, which ended for the world much worse than if she'd stand as avenger. :D


Night Call by Ashdei-san
She is very busy young witch, she likes walking at night, and she has a powerful magical defender, a shadow-cat who always helps her in business. She is 17 years old, a freelance witch who helps people get rid of ghosts and nightmares. Luna is "genki" - an optimistic bright and kind person, who never refuses to help others.
I don't have much background history for her, she just belongs to the same world. She was a student in same Academy where Alice worked as teacher.

Mal (Malwin Black)

Invocation (Cuted) by Ashdei-san I've come to the light for too long... by Ashdei-san Death of a sorcerer (Cold Silence) by Ashdei-san
Son of Alice. I draw him a lot, but can't say that i've been able to catch his personality. He appears in my drawings mostly as very sad person, but it's far from true: he had his moments of sorrow, but most time he is ironic, strong and sometimes even sarcastic sorcerer. He has a lot of magic skills, but he uses them only to travel and defend himself. He is quite lazy and has no purpose in  life. Because of his power he can do anything he wants, so he chose to travel between worlds and just watch what is going on here and there.
He is tall, has dark hair and dark-blue eyes. He is bisexual and very lightheaded person. He can fight with a knife, but do it very seldom, cause magic was always enough to kill everything that bothers him.
Because of his curiosity and traveling he often gets involved in every sort of events, which he trying to avoid and be neutral, but it was not as easy as seems.
He was born and grew up in an old-fashion fantasy world (unlike his mother), without Wi-Fi, phones and even magic wands. His stick is mostly for defending than sorcery, it doesn't have any magic inside.


Do not draw me like this again! by Ashdei-san Sea Breeze by Ashdei-san Butterfly by Ashdei-san Invocation by Ashdei-san
Bad, evil, serious wizard and god who had misfortune to meet Mal and been seduced by him. Actually first doodle is the best to describe him. He is great sorcerer and genius swordsmen and he also one of nine rulers and gods of his country, and he is really angry that all that things were helpless against Mal. He is a badass but melancholic psychopath with nothing good at all.
But he's pretty.^^ Purple is his divine color, well, he is God of Destruction... every obstacles on the way to purpose. But it's too long, so common folks call him just God of Destruction. And it also fits more. He has long white hair and purple eyes with black tattoos around. He lives in tropical climate, and he is afraid of low temperature - basically this fear in his only weakness.
He has sick unbalanced relationship with Mal, and he wants to get rid of it, but on the other hand he keep thinking about how to use such powerful idiot to his own benefit.
Well, to make the story brighter, here is chibi-version of them together (don't mention pink color it was for design):
You are my heart by Ashdei-san
And the very last...


I love summer! by Ashdei-san I hate winter by Ashdei-san
She's basically personification of myself. :D
Imagine the hottest tropical summer and the coldest arctic winter. Together. In one person.
That's all you have to know about me. ^_^
This character changes her hair color depending of season: white on summer and black on winter. (Like some animals^^)
Here is more human form:
Rising by Ashdei-san
Ok, that are all my OCs so far! Thank you for reading and have a good day! ^_^
I won! by Ashdei-san

I can also draw a commission of your OC, please visit my Commission Info! :D

Journal about my OC!
It's time to organize them ^^
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Sesta-Outlaw Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful OCs... I don't know which one to pick... it seems i'll have to leave it to you...
Ashdei-san Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist
Thank you so much!
Ok, than draw Luna for me, please. ^_^
Sesta-Outlaw Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for my late reply :C I will start to work immediatly!! Plus, she looks like the funnier of your characters! :D ;)
Ashdei-san Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist
There is no rush, take as much time as you need!^_^
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