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Labyrinth- BA


Inks by :iconjeffstokely:

Flats by :icontrinitymathews:

Colors by me

Yeay. Ooo... This one ws hard, but oh how I had fun.
For #Battle-Artist Color battle 08

What I did new in this piece: Linear Dodge-Add on brush
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I love everything about this picture. But my personal favorite is the glazed look in Sarah's eye. Your shading does an excellent job of portraying her in a hypnotized state. Double thumps up and five stars.     
GallifreyanOceanSoul's avatar
... This pleases me ; v ;
This is truly awesome, but one thing, the way you made jareths outfit flow kinda makes him look prego...
AshDayArt's avatar
Thank you for your comment, however, I did not draw this. I only colored.
myeyesinthemirror's avatar
this one reminds me of (was it Elderado or Atlantis)
Elandria's avatar
You've done a grand job with the colours, really brought out the fantastic detailing of the original inked version!
IvannaMatilla's avatar
Wow!! This work of yours is amazing, so magical! I love your colours here, great job!
AshDayArt's avatar
Thanks. I tried to keep it to just blue, green and purple as much as possible with this one. I thought the more monotone, the better. Of course what piece is complete without splashes of other colors here and there. :D
IvannaMatilla's avatar
I always try to keep the variety of colours to a minimum. I still can't figure out how *elsevilla uses a rainbow palette and his pieces look so fantastic.
AshDayArt's avatar
I know what you mean. His gallery is gorgeous.
mortalshinobi's avatar
the colors are really impressive.
orientalbunny's avatar
Gorgeous coloring!!!!!! :heart:
JessLewis's avatar
Yours is pretty damn awesome too!
EssieofWho's avatar
Wow! Such a beautiful picture! Great job!
AshDayArt's avatar
MissDudette's avatar
That is pretty incredible. Wonderful collab indeed. :clap:
H1W0's avatar
I loved how you painted the goblin king's hair
RaiMitsu1938's avatar
This is really beautiful! I love the colors theyre so bright and vivid! :D
AshDayArt's avatar
Thank you so much!
RaiMitsu1938's avatar
Youre so very welcome! Its a great piece :)
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