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I will go...

Based on [link] by :iconwerol:

I wrote a note to Werol about my permission but I still wait so Im not selling it now.

Ugh I need new watercolours. Orange and blue are too grey i my stuff :/

Karmaski watercolours
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Browsing over the link, I was taken by surprise how you presented your Submission -- from capturing the serenity, and putting a delicate touch of care into the work is something to note

A beautiful work incorporating so much light tones, and making utmost care not to overpower any element that would represent mist and skylines; I appreciate seeing how you did your best to capture the sunlight bursting through the clouds

Once again, I'd say this is a beautiful rendition of showing serenity using Traditional media; the skill required to pour one's self into the message, rather emphasizing just physical outlines of an image, is incredible -- Great job! :heart::thumbsup:

The Artist thought this was FAIR
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Och thank you very very much! :hug:
In real this art have more tones but of course I should have good camera. But I dont have so I must make a scan.
Its really nice and I feel that I should paint with watercolours more :)
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I love what you did with the sky, the colors come together wonderfully.

You made the composition with the sky, and the sculpting of the ground below with shadow and grass, very nice, it structures it very well. Your wispy brushes on the tree and the deep colors chose for this works well in showing the scene. Great job. :-)
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Och that was really nice. Thank you <3
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Great painting and use of colors, I especially love the lower part of it with the footprints.
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In real this part looks better too but as always my scanner eat soft colours ><
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Beautiful and very delicate :love:
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Amazing!! Beautiful watercolor!! :heart:
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Thank you very much <3
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Beautiful, I love the colors you used.
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Thank you very much :D
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You're welcome :)
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