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Of Kings and Queens - GoT

Oh so excited for the season premier, oh so pissed they cut this season back by three episodes. Why!? Why do you want to take away my joy HBO!?

Anyways, inspired by Jon's little "my queen" speech.

Get the print here:…

Jon & Danerys belong to HBO & George RR Martin
I only art.
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This artwork is awesome: I really like it. To me, this is how the story ends.

Hi there. I'm trying the make something beautiful happen to the Game of Thrones community and the Alice Shipwise's script community. A Game of Thrones dream, a tribute. Please go check it out. Thanks r/G_o_T_S8AnimatedVideo/ on reddit

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How it could have been....
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This is my favourite artwork of Jon and Dany! Ordering it soon on canva from your etsy store. God I am obsessed with this one !!!
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Thanks so much!
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That is great!
Man in Deviantart are so much awesome artists!
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Love this piece so much.
Bought the print on the etsy site and it is so beautiful, highly recommend to anyone who likes this piece to purchase. Also loving everyone who is letting the artist know about people who are stealing this piece and trying to make a profit off of it. 
Hello, pls cheek @arijeetdas (instagram) his trying to steal your art. sorry for bad english >>>>>>
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Thanks for letting me know.
Hey! Just so you know I saw this on FB today. It looks like someone might be trying to steal your art.
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Here's the fb link, if you want to file a report for copyright infringement - least you can get the ad taken down, it looks like it's getting a lot of views/shares :/…
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Thank you very much for letting me know.
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Your talent with these piece of art is just beautiful. There is no better word than "Beautiful" to describe your artwork. I do have a question, do you take ideas? Because I have an idea that I would like to share.

Jon on the back of Drogon battling the Night King who is on the back of Dead Viserys. Basically a Dragon battle of Jon vs the Night King in a snow storm with lightning in the background.
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Beautifully done.
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Ah very nicely done.
Hi there! U are absolutely amazing!! Do u do work by by request? Of someone who isn't famous or anything? 
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Not usually. Something someone says may inspire me from time to time, but I have to dig the concept.
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Hi there!. So i would like to buy this like asap . Im looking for a canvas one. Do i use this website or the etsy link you gave above?
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It's completely up to you. I have the option to get it printed a bit bigger in my etsy shop (24x36), but it costs about $15 more.
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