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Utakata Hanabi

* Haruno Sakura belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
* Original Illustration by Yu Yamashita [link]
* Based on Naruto Shippudden ED 14 - Utakata Hanabi by Supercell
*Wallpaper by Asha3.

*Download for full-size (HD 1080x720p_

Other sizes:
*1280x1024 [link]
*1024x800 [link]
*Wide Screen 1280x786 [link]
*Wide Screen 1024x600 [link]


As I look up at the fireworks by myself,
my heart prickles in pain.
Soon, the next season
will be arrive.
The effervescent fireworks I watched with you-
Even now, I think of that summer day.

*Comments will make me happy.
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I wished I found this yesterday on the 4th of July because this is really impressive.
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She had to go into the water to get her hat after it blew away, didn't she? :)
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I loved it! I love all the details
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soooo pretty drawing,But most in pretty is hinata...:)
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Indeed, Hinata is pretty like a Japanese doll :)

I relate to Sakura better, is all. We are entitled to our own opinions, aren't we? :D

Thanks for leaving a comment!
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someone edited your photo without crediting you [link]
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Misleading title... ^^;
Lovelovelove it :D The fireworks and the sparkles are like WOOOAAHHH and the city is like OMG and the whole pic is just amazinnngg!! :hooray: :hooray: :squee: :squee: :happybounce: :happybounce: :boogie: :boogie: :dance: :dance: :la: :la:
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Sakura is looking hot
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i love her face!!!!not only face, she is so beautiful
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Sakura^^(L), this picture is very amazing
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