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SasuSaku: Iridescent

Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
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It's been a while since I do a SasuSaku fanart. I'm rusty XD

Experimenting with another rainy art. This time I used a couple of techniques from CLAMP. You can see the influence. :p

The background seems empty... but I don't know what to do with it anymore.
Comments will make me happy! <3
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It is Lovely & Setting is rainy & intimate. :)
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wow... it's so pretty. not a fan of the see-through dress, but nonetheless, it's sooooo beautiful
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The colouring work is awesome, very neat !! :heart: And the whole thing is sooo romantic haaaa SasuSaku :love: :love:
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Don't mention it :hug:
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oh...em... GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*falls into a fangirl spazz attack*

This is sooo beautiful!!! The colors are so pretty and I love how you drew them!!!!!! *adds to favorite a billion times causing it to be removed*
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Thanks, glad you like it ^_^
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I love it!
They look so natural!
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faaaantastic! your lines are beautiful.
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I'm glad you like it. <3
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nice, really romantic, the colors and background are perfect. well done
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tee hee.. Thanks!
Lacy-chan11's avatar
love her dress!
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So beautiful! You're not rusty at all! :heart:
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Just a little. Took me ages to make this. Thanks! :tighthug:
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yes the influence off clamp gives the picture a sweet and beautifull look ^^!, the rain is just to amazin ^^! love it! so peacefull and delicate, sakuras dress is sooo cute *¬* and soft^! <3
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I love CLAMP! My drawings are heavily infuenced by them and Naoko Takeuchi... but I never tried their coloring technique. So I'm kinda experimenting. ^_^

The bottom of Sakura's dress is based on a wedding dress. But I took of the under layer and shorten the tail considerably LOL.
Ary-Cullen's avatar
xDD! the dress is really amazing *w*!
Iwonn's avatar
You have such a cute and pretty style <3333 I love how you drew them, luv this pose =3333
and I like a lot the colors you chose :heart:
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Wow thanks! I'm glad you like my style. It's kinda shoujo though... ^_^
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