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No need for words...

Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura belongs to Kishimoto.

* Download for full size
* Normal PC Screen size 1280x1024 click this [link]
* Done with photoshop CS2.
* ferriswheel brush from here [link]

Ferris wheel is lovee... :love:

Inspired by a scene in "Kimi ni Todoke" anime and Utakata Hanabi ending ;D

Comments will make me happy! XD
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Can I use this in a YouTube video? If so, I will credit you and leave a link to this page.
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I loved Kimi ni Todoke and I love it, thanks for this art ^^
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*sem palavras para descrever a reação ao ver isso
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It's amazing. ♥ How you do this picutre? In which program? And are you first draw it on the Najpierw narysować to na kartce i skanować czy może wszystko robiłaś w programie? Ile czasu zajeła ci ta praca ? Na prawdę jest świetna, chciałabym umieć robić takie prace jak ty, ale nie wiem jak do tego się zabrać. .. :)
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OH well i know in which program you do this. ;) Do not read before , sorry. ^^ ;P
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omg this is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
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Look at that!! WOW its almost the same design!! :)
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I made it no secret that I was inspired by that particular scene. :) Kimi ni todoke is love.
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^^ I agree too, its so sweet! Oh and the manga's still incomplete they said, do u know where i can read it fully?
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uhm... I read it in mangafox... but it's been a while since I visited that place.
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This is too beautiful... I just...the emotions the color brings to the art and how it's shadowed. It's so marvelous.
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o.O How in the HELL did you make those fireworks?! I've done a SasuNaruko version of the Utataka Hanbi ending, and I had to download a brush set for them :omg: :omg: :omg: :love: I envy your editing skilzzzz :D
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XD they were little glitter dots with a little help from "outer glow" in blending options. Try it, they're fun to make. :D
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oh i love it so much :heart:
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This is awesome, lovely drawing and IT ACTUALLY HAS MEANING! I simply LOVE it, you seem like an awesomely talented person to be able to make the things that you make!
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this reminds me of 'kimi ni todoke'
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OMG!!!!! fantastic art!!!
I love that atmosphere! T_T
I download it my PC background right now :-)
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Beautiful work! :clap:
SasuSaku forever! :iconmeagaepiclaplz:
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